New Videos From Skillz, Ave.To & Chaz

This week's batch of new videos is an eclectic collection of clips with something for every musical taste. For the hip-hop heads, comes Skillz
and his partner in rhyme Freeway with a video that doesn't break any new ground but it doesn't matter because the song it hot to death. Ave.To brings some mellow hip-hop, jazz and soul flava to your ears and a cool video for your eyes that shows the trio walking around DC and performing. Last up is actor-turned-singer
with his debut video that is for the soul lovers out there.

Skillz feat. Freeway: "Don't Act Like You Don't Know"

Ave.To: "Sand to the Beach"

Chaz: "By My Side"

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  1. good to see chaz... a talented musician... make the transition from film to music... i"m happy for him and love the tone of his voice


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