Now We Know What A-Noise Jill Scott

Hypothetical question: Let's say you're an artist, performing to a full house, and while you were in the middle of a segue, the audience became restless and started milling about, talking on cell phones and to their neighbors to the point of distraction. Would you: (a) ignore the crowd and do your thing; (b) speak a little louder, and with stronger emphasis so they'd get the hint and maybe, I don't know, stop talking!; (c) address the situation head-on and then gracefully transition into the next song; or (d) all of the above?

Well, if you chose (d), you'd be just like Jill Scott during a recent performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival when the crowd's noise began to escalate. At first she continued on with her performance, ignoring the noise. Then, as the volume grew, so did Jilly's voice, hoping they'd understand that she was speaking and they needed to simmer down. You think they got it? Nope. But they sure did once our girl from Philly let 'em have it. Evidence of her handling her business was captured for our amusement below. I think I personally would've brought out fire hoses and let 'em loose on the crowd. But that's just me. Viewer discretion is advised.  [JS]



10 Responses

  1. They brought out the Philly in Jilly a lil bit. lol
    She handled it well, though.That had to be frustrating.

  2. Wow...don't be fooled by the movies; Jilly is still from Philly...

  3. This is one of my biggest pet peeves at concerts, aside from standing behind tall people and standing for hours period, when people are talking and yucking it up like they are in their house in the middle of a performance. Show some damn respect to the artist. It's like did you come to a concert to talk or to enjoy the music cause I came for the latter and I can't enjoy the music because of your damn talking!
    I'm glad Jill said something and shut them people down. I give props to any artist who does this and it's a damn shame that they have to. Get some concert etiqutte people!

  4. I think she handled it VERY well. The crowd deserved that.

  5. 1:14 on the video--STFU
    I LOVE IT.
    The end.

  6. lol.. I was there.. I think because some of the audience don't speak English and are french speakers.. but it was rude.. My friend and I kept having to "shooosh" people.. HAHAHA

  7. Lol!!!We see you Jilly.

  8. I'll be damned if I pay money to go to a show and have the person I came with running their mouth like we can't see each other the next day, lol.
    I've seen Jill in concert twice and she had my full attention both times. I don't see how anyone could have anything that important to talk about.

  9. Because I am old as Methusalah , I still believe that if you go to see an artist you listen to the artist but D is right, most of that particular audience is French and, frankly, they haven't a clue what she's saying or singing, just the way it is... Ignorant.

  10. Ah Jill, I love you so much.
    You don't have to be old as Methusalah, lol. I know young(ish) follks who recognize they paid good money to hear real music, not a ton of folks jawing. Shame about Jill, since the concert DVD she put out was in Paris, and THAT audience seemed enraptured with everything Jill was preaching.