OMG @ Raheem DeVaughn’s ‘Text Messages’ Video

Yesterday Raheem DeVaughn swung by 106th & Park to premiere his new video for the song "Text Messages" that surfaced online last month. Unfortunately, he didn't make any mention of when the updated version of Love Behind the Melody that will include this track will be released, but with this video coming out now one can assume that it will be pretty soon. Unlike his last video, this clip has a plot and features Raheem in the studio with one female while sending text messages with another. Scandalous! But it's totally not what you think. Check out the video below and make sure to watch until the end for a freaky deaky twist.


9 Responses

  1. Very cool clip. Nice twist at the end.

  2. not feelin' it...I thought he had a little more depth, but he's starting to do a lot of R. Kelly type stuff and that is no longer a compliment....

  3. He's definitely trying to sell records. I'm sure 106 and park kids will love this.

  4. the whole thing!

  5. that was cute...i wonder if he's getting any ad money from Apple though...

  6. I don't get it. I just don't get it. Can someone please explain it to me? Okay, so he has an album that goes #1 and sells well, he has one successful single and another one that even goes on to becomes a hit in the mainstream. He did all this doing what he does best, being himself, and not compromising who he is...and he did it with class. So what in the hell inspired him to flip, betray his character, and sell out with this foolishness?! "Text messages/ but you can call them sex messages." And all the lame abbreviations. If you're going to sell out, do it well, then I don't mind and I'll be jamming with it. But this was a poor execution. The video sucked, too. We already have R. Kelly, who is releasing an album soon, and numerous other imposters. (Hey, Trey Songz... how you doin' today?) FAIL!

  7. I do not like this. I loved TLE and I really like LBTM as well, but this??? [shudders]

  8. "THUMP!!!".....that's is the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. All I can say is that video is BANANAS.

  9. I'm happy for Raheem's success. I used to support him all the time at small venues and showcases such as Groove Gumbo in the DC area. Exploring other areas or styles doesn't mean that you are compromising. So, the brutha wanted to try out something new. We, as humans, have many sides to us. Raheem was just showing another side of his music. Strong work Raheem.
    During the end of the video, the woman in the studio is holding the iPhone upside down. Also thought it was funny that they were texting in landscape mode because the iPhone doesn't allow you to text in landscape mode. This has been your geek moment.


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