Robin Thicke’s New Video Has the ‘Magic’ Touch

We're already on record as saying we love Robin Thicke's song "Magic." He's a bad boy (and no, not in the 'he's joined with Diddy and DayDay39 way). Bad meaning good, of course, as in everything about his new video for the track, which is the first single from his upcoming release Something Else, is great. From the cheesy, Star Wars-inspired effects and graphics to his simple yet effective two-step, this clip is old school all the way. Made me think back to the days of 1980s shows like Video Music Box and New York Hot Tracks. The Star Trak/Interscope recording artist, who co-directed the video with Robert Hales, is definitely leading the R&B/soul pack these days, with almost everything he puts out turning to gold. And platinum. Check the clip and let us know if you think it's got the "magic" touch. As for me, I'm about to go find my top hat and cane and see if I can make a few of the ladies from the video appear. Did somebody say "Presto"?


8 Responses

  1. cant lie i thought Rob was gonna turn into another Jon B or Remy Shand but he hasnt, my man keeps dropping hot songs. Respect is due.

  2. Mentioning Hot Tracks (Carlos deJesus) and VMB (Ralph McDaniels) is right on point. I absolutely reminds me of the early 80's videos that you would see. I'm really pleased for Robin. I remember the "Thicke" days and it's nice to see him successful.

  3. Star Wars-inspired? Oh, he's got me at HELLO! LOL It's already a good song, but this tops it off. LOVE IT!

  4. Love it ! I can't wait to get his new album!

  5. I always said Robin Thicke is the artist Justin Timberlake wish he could be. Just a genuine soul. Great track & video! I love it.

  6. Look who got himself a video budget! LOL... but seriously, this is an excellent song. I'm really digging the vibe and I'm definitely picking up the album when it comes out. I really liked his last one.

  7. His first album was really good but very slept on IMO. I think he's much better than Justin Timberfake (yeah, I said it, lol). WIll be copping that CD.

  8. Nice song nice video love that 70's vibe with the 80's video it's Magic


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