Ryan Leslie Breaks It Down

ryan_leslie_boards.jpg I have a like/dislike relationship with Ryan Leslie. I like that he's uber-educated and can make a beat in the time it takes me to floss and brush my teeth. Yet I dislike his "I'm all that and a slab of ribs with extra sauce" swaggertude and the fact that he's responsible for the genital wart on music that is Cassie. Dude is mad talented, but I really need him to stop swinging off his own for un momento por favor. However, despite my issues with Mr. Leslie, I think I'm gonna have to put this recent leak from him in the "Like" column. I'm unsure if "Break This Down" is going to find a spot on his upcoming, self-titled album, but it needs to. The beat knocks and the song has loads of sex appeal. I can hear this one bumping in the clubs, strip and otherwise.

Ryan Leslie: "Break This Down"

[H/T: UMB]

More R-Les after the bounce--if you can stand it.

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  1. I would like to add my two cents and a thought. I watched some of Mr Leslie's you tube videos and was very impressed with how quickly it appeared he was making tracks. ( I think they are a little chopped) My favorite one, is of him as a teenager teaching these little children (very sweet). But considering he is very educated ( graduating Harvard at 19 ), one must wonder 'bout all the uber swag. And I thought maybe in order to write the lyrics and create the music he does, he needs to empower a different energy or consciousness within in himself. I mean he must be very intelligent and that must be diametrically opposed to his lyrical content. Yes I agree it is clever but not what you would expect from a 19 year college graduate? Just my thought. BTW I really like his music, now Cassie the only explanation is Karma oh yes and Puffy.

  2. I can't front. The beat is infectious, simple and bounce-worthy.

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    Ryan is the man !, He has a good voice, he's a good songwriter, good producer, good entrepreneur, well educated, hard working, driven person.

  4. Ok Ryan!!!I like dude though.

  5. The genital wart on music....
    *turns lights off*
    I think we're done here!

  6. An artist's attitude/persona goes a long way with me when it comes to me supporting them with my dollars. To that end, if Ryan Leslie's album turns out to actually be great, burn me a copy.

  7. Sounds like everything else on the radio not feelin' it

  8. I've heard better sounds coming out a bathroom stall in a mexican restaurant then this crap! nothing new or special. Big up's to Harvard though:)


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