Saul Williams Gives Us Access to a ‘Convict Colony’

NiggyTardustCover.jpgAnyone that knows anything about Saul Williams knows at least one thing--he's definitely not the celibate boyfriend he played for a season on Girlfriends. Nope. He's out there. In the best way possible, but still...way out there. Which is more than OK. His fifth album, a collaboration with Trent Reznor on The Fader label entitled The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust!, which had only been available online, had its physical release this week. Saul, aka Niggy, was in town last night to support it with a performance at NYC hotspot S.O.B's. It was quite an experience, to say the least.

His blend of spoken word-insightfulness and rock star-ridiculousness puts your body on the verge of explosion at the end of every song, unsure as to whether you should knock some sense into the person next to you, or knock them out of the way so you have more room to dance. Really, nothing I say will prepare you for a Niggy Tardust experience. The video for his second single from the project, "Convict Colony" however, should show you all you need to see in order to purchase tickets the next time he comes through your city. See? Out there. But we still love Niggy. (And yes, he rocked the feathers last night, in case you were wondering.)


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3 Responses

  1. WTF??????? I like different, eclectic music but this is some strange sh**. Maybe if I was stoned out of my mind on PCP then maybe I could enjoy or understand crap. Lenny Kravitz he isnt:)

  2. Saw Saul Williams performed yesterday at the Virgin Megastore in NYC he is incredible. Loved it. One of the best free shows i've ever been too.

  3. i love love love saul williams. this album is a beautiful collaboration btw him and trent reznor. no pcp here. just an open mind and an ear. listen to the lyrics to the songs on this album. its a lesson in non-nggerism. this album was and is sooooo on time. just when i lose faith in the black race, an album like this comes along.
    besides black folks doing rock music is the shit. we bring an extra dimension of power/pain to it.


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