Sketches of a Dwele Concert

Our visitor and friend IKandiDiva recently attended the Charlotte, NC stop of Dwele's "Sketches of a Man" tour and you know what? He was good, she says! I've heard some conflicting opinions regarding Dwele's mastery of the stage. I've seen him live, and although I love Dwele very much, I'll have to say it's a good thing he was the opening act. Check out a sample of IKandiDiva's report after the bounce along with some footage. And remember to send your concert reviews and artist experiences to Don't forget to hit us with some pics and clips if you can!

His opening act was a group called Gritz and Jellybutter from Atlanta, they should definitely be noted as "Bounc-Worthy." Although, I will admit, people didn't give them as much love as they should have, but that's just cause we waited forever and a day for the concert to start. As with most concerts they did NOT start on time and the crowd started to get antsy but it was well worth it, Dwele, did his thing. He sang mostly his old songs. He said that he had a new band and they didn't have all of his material covered.

I've definitely have seen an improvement in both his voice and showmanship. I remember seeing him YEARS ago before his first CD dropped. My only complaint is that I think the concert ended too soon, although, he did come back and DO THE damn thing with an encore, and he's a real cool dude. He signed autographs and took pictures with some folks in the crowd.

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  1. Well, I can report that he did a good job with his performance here in Philly last night. I was expecting him to be mellosmoothe, and he was. Very engaging with the crowd and groovy, getting through pretty much all of his hits and some of the new joints with about 90 minutes total on stage. But his bassist is a BEAST! Man, he was hot.

  2. Awesome track


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