Teedra Moses is ‘So Kool’

Even though Teedra Moses has gotten caught in the middle of a mess with her record company, TVT Records, going belly up, that isn't stopping her from making music and every now and then she gives us a taste of something new. Much to the delight of her thirsty fans, another track has surfaced from the Los Angeles-based singer that lets us know that she's still on her grind. "So Kool" signals a departure from the hip-hop heavy soulful sound that we've grown accustomed to from Teedra; this beat is more pop than were used to hearing from her. Yes, Teedra's voice is as lovely as ever and the '80s-sounding throwback track itself isn't bad, but when combined the two didn't move me. Unlike other Teedra joints that I loved at first listen, I'm gonna have to marinate on this one.

So what's your verdict? Is Teedra's "So Kool" the hotness or did it leave you cold?

Teedra Moses: "So Kool"

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10 Responses

  1. It had me dancin around the office. Cute song 🙂

  2. I'm all for the retro sound, but that song is certified background music in an 80's B-movie. I've never quite understood what the big deal was about Teedra Moses. She sounds like every other wannabe R&B chick that just happened to get a record deal. Nothing unique.

  3. I like Teedra, but this song is really mediocre at best. It's definitely retro, I think if she's really trying to put her stamp on the game, she's going to have to do something better.

  4. Teedra...yeah this track is not what I've been waiting for from T.M. That first album was so unique compared to what everyone else was throwing out at the time...Last Day, Outta My Head, Complex Simplicity, For A Lifetime. I feel like now-a-days (3-4 years after that album) people are making music more along the vein that Teedra was then! It was a heavy, more 'alternative' hip-hop vibe. It wasn't 'the norm'.
    I hope she further builds upon that mixtape stuff...Take My Love Away, Wassup. You know? Stay in that hip-hop place. Either way glad she's back with anything truthfully!

  5. I freakin love me some Teedra! glad to hear something new from her! I still bump Complex Simplicity and have been patiently waiting for more....

  6. I wanna wife Teedra:) I got like 6 songs online from her "new" album and they are all banging. The sista can blow, is finer then carolina, I mean if she can cook, I'm tearing up the prenup:)

  7. Oh lawd. Fire is going to bring Teedra's stans out in full force. THEY.DON'T. PLAY.
    I've been having a strange week so may not be surprising that I like this at first listen - even moreso than some of her other songs. It's probably the 80s throwback music because I can't tell you what she was singing about.
    LOVE this pic of her.

  8. lol @ stoney.when I heard it, it's going to take me some time to marinate it because im like..hmm.but regarldless i'm a teedra stan!

  9. I think it's Dope...nice to hear her vocals on something a little different....the throwback vibe is hot

  10. Dayhaaam. This song is crazy! Teedra completely stepped up her production game. Like, those crazy dreamy vocal effects at the beginning. I can't stop playing it.