Thanks For Your Patience. Now Bang This.

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  1. My laptop screen shattered and I was soulbounce-less for 2 weeks. I figured I'd have to dedicate hours to soulbounce in order to catch up to my favorite website. I surely wasnt mad that ya'll had maintenance issues lol Yes, I am a hater, but it's good to see that EVERYONE missed out on the goody goodness of soulbounce...I wasnt the only one. hee hee haha...but thanks for getting it together. I was tired of seeing Hall & Oates at the top of the page...even though I didnt mind playing that Raphael Saadiq 4X in a row when I noticed there were no new posts.

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    "FORGET I WAS A G?!?!" Wowwwwwww!!!! I STILL listen to that jam! Whoo, downloading rett nah!!!!

  3. You aight Nova:) just as I was about to put soulbounce on blast, ya'll came through:) Good looking.

  4. Although the primary issues haven't yet been resolved....Look I know some people who know some people:) if soulbounce is having problems let me holla at my contacts at homeland security and pull some strings:) I mean i'm just saying..

  5. help! how do i download this tight azz mix?

  6. Thank you, and you're welcome.


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