The Floacist Wants You To ‘Work It, Baby’

With a Floetry reunion having about as much chance of happening as Hillary Clinton being elected the next President, it's safe to say that Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart have moved on. The Songstress has stayed busy by adding her vocals to tracks by various artists, putting out a tragic mixtape and working on her new album, from which we've heard a few potential leaks. On the other hand, we haven't heard as much from the Floacist as we have her former partner in rhyme, but that doesn't mean that she hasn't been on her grind. Quite the contrary, she is readying a solo project, which according to her MySpace page will be named The Offering...xx and is labeled the "Pre Album, Album." Alrighty then, that's different. And so is her sound this time round. Don't go into it expecting to hear an album full of those baby-making grooves and the neo-soul aesthetic that Floetry was famous for. That presence is still there, but the majority of the cuts lean toward Brithop with Natalie spitting over hard-hitting beats. An example of this can be heard on the cut "Work It, Baby," a loud declaration to stand tall and be proud. Admittedly, I wasn't feeling this at first, but the more I've listened, the more it's grown on me thanks to the lyrical content. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either.

So what do we think about this one, folks? Is it dope or does it make you say "nope"? Have at it in the comments.

The Floacist: "Work It, Baby"

The Floacist

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12 Responses

  1. In Beyonce voice {I'm not feeling it, I'm not feeling it}

  2. Her music sucks. She is absolutely beautiful, reminds me of the sista from Zhane a lilttle bit.....Am I buying her solo jont? nope. Takes more then a pretty face to get 14 dollars outta my pocket:)

  3. Not sure where i saw it, but within the past month a blog posted a video with a snippet of the Floacist's debut as an "actress" she did a nude lovescene that was HORRIFIC and had lost lots of weight. i suppose she is being all edgy now. im sure with a little searching i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED me some FLOETRY, their chemistry was unmatched. i gued the floacist is now being ...uh..edgy. whatev

  4. This makes me want to dig out my first Floetry album and blare it on repeat...repeatedly. LOL Good luck to her, but really, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth seeing them apart. They had such chemistry together!

  5. I saw her perform this "pre album" live last weekend and I'm tellin you... it was FIRE..... I say dope

  6. Her appeal was in the hippy neo soul...This beat is soo not for her...

  7. just doesn't do it for me...I love her though.

  8. I am seeing the comments. Wow.
    This is proving my point. People wait for other people to tell them what's dope. Well, once VH1 and MTV program your mind, I am sure you'll fall in line. Zombies...tsk tsk
    Black people need to learn that different is good. You don't have to wait for some negro in sagging jeans and gold teeth to tell you to bump it. This sister doesn't owe it to you to stay the same person her whole life. She is entitled to experiment and try new things.
    And let's be real - most of you downloaded Floetry's album. You didn't buy sh*t. So don't talk about what you not gonna do. You are going to illegally download this one too. Because while you talk a big game, you wanna hear it as much as the next person. (Especially after some white or asian journalist on MTV tells you to.)

  9. I'm just confused about what her official image is right now. When Floetry first broke up, she was pushing a sound on her MySpace page that could only be categorized as lesbian punk-hop. Now this.
    I just wanna know what personality is going to show up, period. Right now, I'm just confused

  10. @authorityfigure
    What point?
    are you really serious?
    Do you think in this day and age...people have ceased to have a discerning ear and have to rely on "some white or asian journalist on MTV" to tell us what's hot? That is about as stupid as saying I watch the news for news!
    different isn't always good...sometimes different is different and sometimes different is just wrong! in the case with this song!
    if you like the song...just say you like listening to an artist try something out of her element...cause let's face it...this is a beat and flow better suited to Remy Ma!
    Instead you try to insult the people who responded honestly as to how they felt. Keep your comments to how YOU feel...and stop trying to insult people who didn't like:
    and BAD ADVICE from anyone who told her "That shit is hot!

  11. DJ Diva, never have truer words been spoken. Nuff said. Authorityfigure you need a hug or sumptin...To suggest that we as a people cant make our own minds up is down right retarded (no disrespect to any retarded people) so do all of us black folk a solid, go look in a mirror and say "I AM SOMEBODY" keep saying it till you start loving yourself and your people:)

  12. Floacist would have made this work, but hearing Natalie rap for so long gets a bit dull. Not really feelin' it!


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