#11: Rufus & Chaka Khan ‘Sweet Thing’

Rufus_-_Rufus_Featuring_Chaka_Khan.jpgSometimes it really bugs me how so many seem to overlook the pure genius and mastery of Rufus and Chaka Khan. It's almost like they get lost in the discussion, particularly Chaka herself, when we're all reminiscing about the likes of classic Marvin, Stevie, Diana, etc. The thing about this band is that they knew precisely where to bridge the Funk and R&B and could make you move. But perhaps I'm biased because I always elevate actual bands over basic singing groups.

Now we must bid this multi-talented, multi-faceted and multi-ethic group adieu as this is the last time they will appear on the countdown. But don't "go crazy", because in doing that we're revisiting their #1 Billboard single "Sweet Thing." I know I'm going to age myself by saying this, but they just don't make songs like this anymore. Even when they slowed things down, you still found yourself snapping your fingers and catching onto the lyrics like it was one of their more upbeat tracks. When that familiar melody, courtesy of Tony Maiden's superb electric guitar, kicks off the track, you immediately fall into a groove. And my beloved Mary J. Blige was well within her right and range to cover it, coming off like a seasoned vet even though it appeared on her freshman release.

Can this even be considered a ballad? I'm not sure, because I just can't keep my body from rocking once I press "play."

Rufus feat. Chaka Khan: "Sweet Thing"

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4 Responses

  1. Oooh yes! Like to also toss into the covers list Chaka/Prince live version of this a couple years back. With The Purple One on the guitar/back-up and an almost reggae-flow? Nice.

  2. As someone who owns every Rufus featuring Chaka Khan cd I completely agree Nova, they are underrated and neglected when comes to discussing the impact the group had on music.

  3. Don't know how I missed this post, but yes this song is FIRE!!!!

  4. Meshell Ndegeocello 'Outside Your Door'? #9?


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