#21: DeBarge ‘I Like It’

debarge-all_this_love.jpgIsn't it funny how, in this day and age of "no homo," it's somehow acceptable to wear a pink fur or ride around in a pink SUV (Cam'ron), but most of our soul singers these days are known for singing in the lower end of the vocal scale, and don't embrace the falsetto for the power it can have over members of both sexes? A trip down "falsetto lane" will reveal Smokey Robinson, Ronald Isley and Phillip Bailey were all hailed as premier singers of their time and were able to take their listeners to new heights by singing in a pitch that was a mere two to three octaves lower than what only dogs can hear. Eldra "El" DeBarge is one such singer who masterfully used the falsetto to his advantage on many songs he and his fellow siblings in their group, DeBarge, ruled the early '80s with. Probably one of their most famous and popular, "I Like It," narrowly cracked Billboard's Top 30 songs in 1983, and forever cemented its place in our subconscious. For example, does anyone else remember how Aaron Hall chose to end Guy's midtempo banger that shares the same title as this top 100 entry? Yup, he sang the refrain of "I like the way you wear your hair/I like the stylish clothes you wear." On this typical August day so emblematic of an average summer day, I'm willing to bet that DeBarge's "I Like It" will serve as this day's perfect theme song. 

DeBarge: "I Like It"

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  1. One of my favorites, but of course, I'm a big DeBarge fan...I still listen to the best of...

  2. man that brings back memories..thanx for posting this track. BTW, I really enjoyed the interview you and the rest of the staff gave Fave. I listened to it last night while at my night job and I will be a follower of SoulBounce. I have to thank people like Fave, Nikki, Todd Kelley, Honey Soul and now you gifted ladies and gents for finding QUALITY Soul music.
    Keep doing what you are doing. I will add your link to my site and mention you all in my next podcast I record.
    Be Blessed{you and yours}

  3. while listening to this I never realized the very nice guitar and bass line in this song...very nice. 🙂

  4. The voices of DeBarge were/are very unique. The falsettos gave you chills. There are a few falsettos there were not mentioned - coming from Motown - Eddie Kendricks set the bar really high. But there was also Ron Banks of the Dramatcs.
    And don't forget Bobby Debarge from Switch

  5. who can forget watching them on the Motown 25 special? We used to rewind the vhs tape in between bouts of Pitfall on Atari! and watch James miss the step!
    great track!

  6. Classic jam, memories of a forgotten time...........Damn I miss the 80's:)

  7. My mom use to say the dudes who sing in falsetto would get all the women lol.Ha!Love EL, the group was underrated in my opinion everybody wants to sample but don't give proper due.And Yes Bobby Debrage from Swith in so many ways like EL.

  8. So good to see this song get appreciated/come in at #21. The falsetto kills. I still love this song, always have.

  9. Always loved DeBarge and El's falsetto was insane. Miss his voice.

  10. Avatar

    These guys had a tuff childhood cant wait untill Bunnys tell all book

  11. Love love love them ... when I was 5, I wanted to marry Bunny DeBarge, lol.

  12. This should have made the Top 10 if BIIM "I'll Make Love to You" is up there....This is soooooo a CLASSIC!!!! I wish they would come back strong...


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