#2: Prince ‘Adore’


Prince's "Adore" was never released officially as a single, yet like so many of our Top Soul/R&B Songs, it nevertheless staked a place in our worlds and continues to hold a special place in our hearts. "Adore" was the first song that myself and my then high school boyfriend claimed as our own. Likely, countless numbers of you did as well. And why not? "Adore" is a slow jam that all slow jams wish they could grow up to be. It's pleading without sounding pathetic. It's overwhelming without sounding uncomfortable. It's self-deprecating while maintaining its dignity.

From the moment the first bar is played, the tone is instantly set by a man singing a note that sounds as though it's coming from a place that, while we may able to relate, we will never be able to know the depth of the love he shares between himself and someone he so deeply adores. A note that is coming from a man whose face is likely contorted from sheer joy. And while this same man may attempt to bring on some comic relief by declaring that  "You can smash up my ride/Well, maybe not the ride," in the end you're left with a beautiful tale of a man telling his beloved that he will "be your eyes so you can see." And if that's not adoration in all of its possible incarnations, then we don't know what is.

"Adore" is a song that will remain in the annals of soul fame simply because it sets out to do exactly what a soulful song should: it brings you to a place that enables your soul's presence be felt. A true soul song is a cathartic and holy experience. It shortens the distance between yourself and the Creator. It's even better than peering at a blue sky on a cloudless day. And this is exactly what "Adore" delivers, every time it is played. And the lyrics...oh, the lyrics! Ecclesiastical to say the least...

"Adore" by Prince

Until the end of time
I'll be there 4 U
U own my heart and mind
I truly adore U

If God one day struck me blind
Your beauty I'd still see (Your beauty I'd still see)
Love's 2 weak 2 define
Just what U mean 2 me

From the first moment I saw U 
Ooh, I knew U where the 1 
That night I had 2 call U
I was rappin' till the sun came up
Tellin' U just how fine U look
In a word, U were sex 
All of my cool attitude U took
My body was next
U made love 2 me 
Like U where afraid
Was U afraid of me?
Was I the first?
Was I your every fantasy?

That's why, until the end of time
I'll be there 4 U
U own my heart and mind
I truly adore U

If God one day struck me blind
Your beauty I'd still see
Love is 2 weak 2 define
Just what U mean 2 me

When we be makin' love (When we be makin' love)
I only hear the sounds
Heavenly angels cryin' up above
Tears of joy pourin' down on us

They know we need each other
They know U are my fix (I know)
I know, that U know that I ain't cheatin' baby 
They know this is serious
I ain't funkin' just 4 kicks

No, this condition I got is crucial, crucial baby
U could say that I'm a terminal case 
U could burn up my clothes (U could burn up my clothes)
Smash up my ride (U could smash up..) 

Well maybe not the ride...

But I got 2 have your face all up in the place (Do U think?)
I'd like 2 think that I'm a man of exquisite taste
(I'm a man of exquisite taste)
A hundred percent Italian silk imported Egyptian lace

Nothin' baby, I said nothin' baby could compare (Nothin' could compare)
2 your lovely face (2 your lovely face)
Do U know what I'm sayin' 2 ya this evening [What you sayin' about]

Tryin' tryin' 2 say [I hear what your sayin']
Just tryin' 2 say
That until, until the end of time
I'll be there 4 U

Be there 4 U

On my heart, on my mind (Truly adore U) 
I truly adore U (Darlin')
U don't know what you're mean 2 me
Baby (Until the end of time)
Baby (I'll be there 4 U)
Baby (U own my heart and mind)
'Til the end of time I'll be there 4 U (I truly adore U)
Adore U (Adore U)

Can I talk 2 U? 
Tell U what U mean 2 me
Every time U wander (Until the end of time)
I'll be your eyes so U can see (I'll be there 4 U)
I wanna show U things (U own my heart and mind)
That I show no other, I wanna be (I truely adore U)
More than, more than your mother (If God 1 day struck me blind)
More than your brother (Your beauty I'd still see)
I wanna be, like no, like no other (Love is 2 weak 2 define)
If U need me, I'll never leave (Just what U mean 2 me)
(Until the end of time)
I know, that U know, without U there is no me (I'll be there 4 U)
(U own my heart and mind)
There is no me (I truely adore U)
Without U there is no sea (If God 1 day struck me blind)
There is no shore
Love is 2 weak 2 define how much I adore (Your beauty I'd still see)
U, child
U, child (Love is 2 weak 2 define)
The last words U hear
The last words U hear (Just what U mean 2 me)

Until (Until the end of time)
I'll be there for you, baby
(Until the end of time)

Be with me darlin' til the end of all time (Until the end of time)
I'll give U my heart
I'll give U my mind
I'll give U my body (Until the end of time)
I'll give U my time (Until the end of time)
(Until the end of time)

4 all time I am with U
U are with me
(Until the end of time)
U are with me
U are with me


18 Responses

  1. ok..I take back what I said before...I knew yall wouldnt let me down!!!!!!
    this is my favorite slow jam of allllllll time and can be found on my ‹a href=""›first wedding anniversary mix ‹/a› I released last month lol
    Thank you Soulbounce for putting my favorite song so high up on the list...

  2. Great pick....can't wait to see what #1 is if Adore is #2

  3. I actually hoped this would be #1, but I'm digging it at the spot it is...Adore is still the ultimate sexy jam! Let me go ahead and play that right now....

  4. The greatest love song ever written. The lyrics read like one of those love letters we almost never send. You know, the one you pour all your emotions into but never send because of how raw and emotionally naked it left you. Adore is just simply amazing and brilliant.

  5. OH i do i do i do-ooo ADORE this song!! i'm glad its in the top ten. Prince himself is a talented musician, an icon, a masterpiece, but this song in particular, if this song doesnt make you want to be madly in love with someone, shooooot, then I dont know what will lol, !! I get chills and put on a huge smile listenin to this whether im in a relationship or not, its that great of a song!! random but it has one o the highest play counts in my itunes lol. i LOVE this song, thank you for picking it!!

  6. SoulBounce,
    You should let us, the soulbouncers, take a guess at the #1 song...winner gets a prize...just thought I'd run that by you guys.

    After looking for this song all during the countdown, I knew that it was going to be #1...but I'm happy with it's spot here...I'll go listen to it again...this song just does things to your mind, body, and of the best songs EVAH!!!

  8. yall ain't bloggin' just for kicks!

  9. Yeah... riiiiight. "Funkin" just for Kicks? riiiight.
    He was not that "saved when he sang that lyric let me tell you.
    Adore is the perfect piece of heaven. But I gauruntee ... he aint sayin' "funkin".

  10. Full disclosure: This is my ringtone for my baby. No, really, it is. LOL I almost don't want to answer the phone when he calls just so that I can hear a few more notes.

  11. Ohhh no. This is my sh1t. This is the essential Prince: sex and love, heaven and earth, U's and 2's. If your man can't get with this, lose him.
    I came across this song later in dating my dating life, which is fitting, because it's for me is the defintion of "grown and sexy", and means now much more as an adult than it ever could have back in the day when I was giggling over the lyrics of "Darling Nikki".

  12. This is the ultimate Prince song! You don't get any deeper than, "If God one day struck me blind, your beauty I'd still see.

  13. Yessss. This song is everything everyone's already said, x2.. It would have been my #2, behind Stevie's "As"....but since that's come and gone, I'm very curious and anxious to see who takes the top spot.

  14. I haven't even read the other comments yet, but: Damn, Damn, Damn, Damn! I love yall right now and I never realized that this wasn't an official single bc this is my FAVORITE Prince song of all time. Great way to start the morning SB.

  15. This is my favorite Prince song ever. EVER. I can't imagine what would be #1 if this is #2. Goodness, this song just MOVES me. I can't even describe it.

  16. What can be said, other than PRINCE is phenomenal!!!!! CLASSIC that stands the test of time....can't wait to see your #1.

  17. Definitely a dope track that deserves the recognition that it gets. You'd be a liar if you stated that you didn't love this song!

  18. Catching up on what I missed while I was funning and sunning and I just KNEW that this was going to be #1 or #2. I KNEW we all had it on the list. Great writeup Mami. I swear I'm walking down the aisle to this one. "If God one day struck me blind, your beauty I'd still see." *SWOON*


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