#7: Faith Evans ‘Soon As I Get Home’

faith_hawk.jpgWhen Faith Evans' self-titled freshman release debuted in 1995, she had a lot to contend with. The Mary J. Blige comparisons ran unchecked, due in part to her involvement in My Life (she co-wrote a few tracks including "Everyday It Rains," which was reserved for The Show soundtrack), and her position as the first official female solo artist signed to the Bad Boy label. The past thirteen years have seen many changes--the death of her husband The Notorious B.I.G., the rumor of her affair with 2Pac, a drug arrest and finally a move from Bad Boy to Capitol. Although those of us that are listening closely can see she's been able to transcend these associations, people are still comparing her to Mary and calling her Biggie's widow.

Give Faith her props. First of all, she's a writer, and that's a skill that will keep her receiving checks long after her voice goes out. Two, she can sing. Even though her first single "You Used to Love Me" downplayed her vocal abilities, she displayed a range that was out of this world throughout the course of Faith. She can go from light and breathy to gospeldelic and soaring at the drop of a hat. This is irrefutable.

"Soon As I Get Home" counts among her most signature tracks. It is my favorite Faith song and my second favorite slow jam. Unlike the man-hating ditties that would come to define female R&B in later years, this song had the female promising and apologizing to a lover she'd wronged, when faced with the possibility of loneliness. This track, produced by Chucky Thompson (who should also be saluted as the mastermind behind many of Bad Boy's earliest hits), shot to #3 on the R&B charts. It is a quintessential Quiet Storm groove, a sweet kiss and a warm embrace on a rainy night. After the bounce, check out the video along with a special surprise.

Faith Evans feat. Aaron Hall: "Soon As I Get Home" (Remix)

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  1. Faith's voice on Soon As I Get Home sounded a lot like Karen Clark-Sheard. You can tell she was heavily influenced by the Clark Sisters.

  2. This is my favorite Faith song! love it!

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    What a classic..I agree with you 200 % about Chucky, I miss Stevie J, J-Dub and the early bad boy hip hop producers who created that late 90's post New Jack swing -> New York/East Coast R&B sound.. Its was such a breath of fresh air from the Babyface DX7 Rhodes sappy/syrup that R&B had become due to the clones.
    Faiths first album was a classic.. It had soooo many good songs and the fact the Faith was a writer made me like her more. I don't know what happened on her 2nd and 3rd album... LOL at Puff only shooting her face an lips for mots of the video and promotional photos because of her weight.

  4. A Faith stan right here!And yes this song is perfected (and please nobody touch it!).Some songs should remain un-touch and this is one of them.I never understood her and the mary comparisons, I tend to leave comparisons alone because they are totally in a different league.Even though I love Mary I feel Faith voice is smooth and easy on the ears.I miss the golden BB days because you know when Puff was on it, it was a hit, but not very much now.I put Faith and Kelly Price one of the best in our generation.

  5. i am definetely surprised to see faith in the top 10. however, with 6 songs to go I am hoping to see Aretha make the list. It would be a travesty if the Queen fails to make the list.

  6. This has been a great list so far but as a Stevie (as in Wonder) fan, to me not one of these songs is BETTER than or as EPIC As. Great songs but they should be a little lower in the count.

  7. Seems like those who call us geniuses one day, then crazy the next may need a little reminder about how OUR countdown works.
    How the Top 100 Countdown Works (or, 'Know Your Role, Part Deux')
    This was posted in May so clearly people forgot who and what they were dealing with.

  8. y'all just got 10,000 cool points.

  9. All I can say is "amen!

  10. I'm a huge Faith fan and it's great to see her in the top 10. I wish she would get the props she so deserves. I love Mary and all but her singing and writing is no where near as great as Faith's. Good chioce SB

  11. Faith's debut was the soundtrack of my freshman year in college. I would love for her to come strong again. Soon As I Get Home, particularly the remix with Aaron Hall (that was underplayed IMHO), was great, but my favorite Faith song is I Love You.
    She is about to drop her autobiography should be interesting.

  12. I have to agree with you on Faith's vocal abilities, I have all of her CD's sans the 1st one (I know I was sleeping, and I never went and got it)...but I am a fan for life. Her music isn't for everybody - you almost have to be "Grown and Sexy" (which measn "of a certain age") to appreciate it...
    I can't wait for her next musical release...(now as for the book...not interested!!!)


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