Aretha to Drop Holiday Album

aretha_franklin_boa_crop.jpgThe Queen of Soul will release the first holiday themed album of
her illustrious career. Apparently, her label and managers convinced
her that this was not a lucrative venture. For over forty years. The
fact that Aretha Franklin has never released a holiday album is absurd. Of course she agrees, stating:

"It was just so grossly remiss that I have not had a Christmas
album. It was just ridiculous...I'd be at home cooking and enjoying the
holidays and listening to everybody but myself. I wasn't enjoying

On October 14th not hearing her own voice while stuffing a holiday turkey will no longer be an issue. The album, This Christmas, will be available then.

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2 Responses

  1. I hope they put that quote on the packaging!
    Everyone should do a Christmas album, for better or for worse (and there's no in-between), it should be mandatory

  2. Jesus take the wheel!!!


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