Common & Pharrell Have An ‘Announcement’

For everyone who's been waiting for a new video from Common, you can now feast your eyes on the clip for "Announcement." Black Kojak is back with a unique video that showcases his sexy (simply by virtue of him being in the video, truth be told) and has serious visual appeal. Com, and later Pharrell, look extra good against a stark white background while an artist draws in various elements like a Lincoln for Common and his lady to ride in, a spaceship and graffiti. This video is a great complement to the song, which takes rhyming back to the good old days.

Yeah, this is Hip Hop, baby...

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  1. "...i'll be pedalin' backwards like a track bike..."
    That is what's really hood...fixed-gear for the win. Good lookin' out on the video, Butta. I dig the simplistic flavor of the whole setup (it definitely has a really old school feel to it).

  2. No.
    You don't pedal backwards on a track bike (unless you're a trick master who's unconcerned with a velodrome). They don't have a freewheel, that's why they're "fixed gear".
    And it's only 'hood if you're in Billieburg or even in certain areas of DC where the hipsters have jumped the shark with the fixie trend.
    But my main point is that I'm not sold on this song. Hot beat and video, yes... but not the lyrics. It's almost as if Com is forcing the swagger, which of course doesn't make any sense since he effortlessly pioneered the grown man hip-hop brand. That "UNGH!" sounds so awkward, and that "philosophising on top of ya" line, as well as f***ing in the kitchen... I'm slightly worried. I fondly remember the endearingly ignorant Com of old who posed with a 40 oz on his album and dashed off many non-P.C. couplets but he seemed more authentic and natural than this.
    I'll withhold judgement for now because Cornbread's never let me down, I'm just concerned.

  3. Stylus, I am so glad you said it because that "philosophizing on top of you" line got my g-string all up in a bunch. I don't mean to nitpick, but it's a wack line, and I expect so much more from Com Sense.
    And BTW the "at least it sounds better than half the stuff on the radio" argument just isn't going to cut it this time. This track at best displays just how lazy Pharrell and Common think their audiences are.
    Boo on them. Come harder or go home.

  4. I liked it. Pharrell and Common get a side-eye for questionable lyrics and effortless beat-making - but their successful track record in the game is what made me give this song a chance. The video is mad creative but they don't have to force "swag" for they were part of the collective that brought it back (to hip hop). We expect more from these cats. . .as we should. . .because they have proven they can consistently bring an A-game. This joint was a B+ for me.

  5. Yooo this track is fire...i'm from NYC...we are serious hip hop heads out here...biggie was mentioned, jigga was gets no better....this is that announcement...we bumping this track hard out here in NYC!!

  6. i love common and he's sexy as all get out in this video but i wasn't moved at all. hear me? i wasn't noddin', grinnin' or nothing. while i appreciate the ol' school tributes, there was no excitement attached to the verbal head-nod.

  7. okay, so I already wasn't extremely feelin it, but when he felt the need to drop that "philosophizing on top of you" line, I was finished... love the video, LOVE Common, but lyrically this song just wasn't the bizness

  8. Wasn't feelin some of the lyrics but the actual video is hot, the beat is too tight, and it's Common, so im gonna give it half of a thumbs up.

  9. some may give it a pass, but i ain't with it. can't say i'm feelin' this one at all. creative video for sure, but lyrically this is a different Common, one that i'm not all that comfortable with. but cats gotta go through their phases. perhaps this next album will be for him what *Amplified* was for Q-Tip, but it's too early to cast dispersions...

  10. @ Macedonia:
    Are you really implying that Amplified was not dope?


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