Congrats On Your New Publishing Deal, Johnta. When’s Your Album Coming Out?

Thumbnail image for johnta.jpgWe're not sure what the hell is going on between Jermaine Dupri and Def Jam, nor do we care--as long as Johnta Austin's album, whether it's called Ocean Drive (overdue by an entire year at least) or Love, Sex & Religion, is finally released. Not only do I rally behind talented brothers that don't have to pop and dance around like they have ants in their draws, but I have a soft spot for songwriters. He recently inked a new publishing deal with Sony/ATV, which will hopefully enable him to expand to TV and film and reach a broader range of artists. Some of the best songs of our time are those that are composed by a single writer and not by a committee. Who wants to split their money ten ways anyhow? Moving forward. Although we're happy for the guy's new publishing deal, we still aren't letting him or his label off the hook regarding his solo project. [BB]

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3 Responses

  1. Wow, I thought I was the only one waiting for Johnta to drop an album. I'm glad he has a publishing deal, but I need to hear HIM singing lol

  2. I love me some Johnta *sighs* He's so rare.Him and Maxwell.*double sigh*

  3. You two aren't the only one's waiting....I've looking/waiting since 2007 and all of 08. I have 4 tracks that are the shhhh. It's gonna be a hit filled album.


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