Eric Benét and His Baby Girl Can Blow

Eric Benét's new song "You're the Only One" is but one in a string of hits from the sexy soul singer. Last weekend I saw him perform it live at the Stone Soul Picnic in DC and all of the ladies in attendance were alternately gasping and swooning during his set. The man sounded fantastic live, which is always the ultimate test for a singer, in my opinion. Another test is singing a cappella, and Eric aces that one with an A+ as seen in this home video that's been floating around the web for the past week. Not only is he showing these R&B fakers how it's supposed to be done, but he even got his daughter India aka Indie B. in on the action. Let's just say that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.     

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  1. This is WHY I have never given up on Eric Benet. I always have "Femininity" on repeat and I know I am buying his new album. Thank you @soulbounce for keeping me musically satisfied and fulfilled. Best news I received this week! I'm impressed with India!

  2. I thought I was the only one who was in love with "Femininity!?"
    Man, that Eric Benet has my ear...and if India keeps on, she will too...

  3. "Femininity" is MY FAVE Eric Benet song. Shoo.....

  4. "Femininity" is Eric Benet at his best. Kinda hard for him to top that.

  5. Yes Feminity is that joint.I downloaded that song legally!
    Him and his daughter..I see you!

  6. Love this! His daughter is adorable.

  7. I really enjoyed this! Great start to my day. His daughter is talented and beautiful too. Look forward to seeing her career blossum.

  8. This is very beautiful. Am I the only one who thinks he has employed his daughter's help to get you know who back in his life... sorry it must be said. It's just seems too obvious.

  9. @ jewelryrockstar
    Yes, you're the only one. That man's life does not revolve around his ex, nor is this some ploy to win her back. He was a star before her, currently is and will be long after. Enough with the HB talk already.

  10. How cute was that?!?!?
    I agree.... E.B. was an established artist way before he met Halle... And clearly she's moved on. I would hope that he has too.
    Great song. Sad I missed him when he came up here for the Stone Soul Picnic! 🙁

  11. This is beautiful, Eric Benet has an awesome voice. I love his music!
    I wish all the best for he and his daughter India. The way they connect is wonderful and I can tell that she comes first in life. He is an amazing father!

  12. love this video 🙂 Indy rock so does EB

  13. Eric Benet's New Cd Out Sep 9th 2008
    and Tour Is going on now!