Eric Benét Goes Back Home For ‘You’re the Only One’ Video

The first single from Eric
Benét's new album has finally gotten a video. We only had to wait a few months for it, but it's better late than never to see some visuals for "You're the Only One." And it's a rather unexpected video to see for the tune at that. Instead of a run-of-the-mill clip with Eric playing the leading man in a four-minute long relationship saga with a gorgeous video babe, he returns with a homegrown performance-based video. Benét takes us back to his old block in Milwaukee with an outdoor concert for the community. The video is filled with children's smiling faces and locals enjoying the live show. It looks and sounds like a good time was had by all. But not as good a time as I'm having watching Eric in action. Sorry, TMI.       

Check out Eric giving more insight into the video and his new album after the bounce.


6 Responses

  1. Damn he's sexy! I have to throw this up!

  2. Anybody know if the b/g singers are related to him? They look like one big family. 🙂

  3. ain't nothin' like goin' back home

  4. Dope song. Keep the real R&B coming....

  5. I fight becoming a fan of Mr. Benet on a daily basis...ever since he cheated on Halle, it's hard for me to take him seriously. But his music is great. Lovely video. If I ever gets me a record deal, I'm copying this idea lol

  6. Lord have mercy---what can I say, Eric's done it again. What an incredible talent and amazing voice. I've always been a fan and can't wait for the album to drop. It's been too long--time to add some real talent back to the airwaves.
    Looking soo sexy as usual. Keep you the incredible work!
    (p.s. Halle's a damn fool...I mean what more could a girl want?! 🙂 )