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eric_benet_sexy_as_all_hell.jpgJust the other day I wondered to myself when the second single from Eric Benét's upcoming CD Love & Life was gonna drop. Don't get me wrong, I love "You're the Only One" like I love birthday cake, but I've been listening to that since April. It's a whole 'nother season! Well, the wait is over, and, Lawd, it was worth it. "The Hunger" is a sexy number that finds Eric singing about his woman's insatiable appetite--and he's not talking about at the dinner table either. A slow jam master, Benét increases the tempo a tad for this tasteful tale of hot sex on a platter. When a female voice whispers "Mmm, I was thinking maybe we could do it again" toward the start of the song, you can guarantee that there's about to be some grown folk's business going down. But the song is so much deeper than that, Eric sings about first kisses and conversations in addition to sweat dripping and bodies calling. Mercy.   

I must admit, I had a Holly Robinson-Peete moment the first 20 times I played this last night. Needless to say, "The Hunger" is officially my new favorite song. I'll have seconds, please. Eric Benét just don't know.  

Eric Benét: "The Hunger"

"The Hunger" [Amazon][iTunes]

Love & Life

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12 Responses

  1. OMG...I wasn't...but now I'm Hun-ga-reee
    see Eric...I never gave up on you...
    This song is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and Butta...u killed it with that pic...*swoons*

  2. Please tell me that you are aware of the Eric Benet/Dwele show at BB Kings in NYC on October 6th? I know I will be there with bells on and then some...

  3. that pix makes him look quite questionable. im not a fan of eric benet

  4. I loooove this song!! For more about Eric, go to or or

  5. he still has the same sexy style, a good appetizer to the upcoming Maxwell album

    This man has me hooked (again!)...

  7. Lovin' it. His voice is beautiful.

  8. Avatar

    Not sure about this one, nothing wrong with it just has no replay value in my book. Loved the last album Hurricane, when he teamed up with some of my fav producers David Foster and Walter Afanasieff, and one of my fav engineers Humberto Gatica. Hope he stays in the pop lane on the new one,

  9. Darnit...Eric has me hooked. Loving this song,

  10. I just saw Eric Benet and Dwele in concert!! Seriously it was one of the best shows ive been to in a long time. Eric did most of the songs off of his new album.

  11. i love eric benet! hes so sexy! his vocals are truly amazing, if you cant see him live, at least watch some live videos on youtube or SOMETHING! hes so good at what he does

  12. This man is so doggone sexy!!! I love his song Hunger. I'm checking him out on tour
    care to join me?