Janet Jackson + LL Cool J = Something That Should’ve Happened Eons Ago

So LL Cool J is the opening act for Janet Jackson's tour. This news comes to us via the man responsible for the darkest period of Janet's career, Jermaine Dupri. Watch in the video below as JD bugs a preparing Janet for intel on the tour, and she summarily gets snippy with him. If this was all staged and scripted, this might be the finest acting I've ever seen from Janet! It's almost like, she drew on the collective consciousness of her fans and almost said "Jermaine Dupri, you're annoying the hell out of me right now." Aside from that, I've wanted Janet and LL to work together in some capacity for ages. LL has publicly stated that he wanted to do a track with her, and it's always been my opinion that Janet should've been featured on "Control Myself" instead of Jennifer Lopez, since Janet and LL were both working with JD at the same time.

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4 Responses

  1. Oooohh!! I LOVE "snippy Janet"!! JD really was buggin the heck outta her though.
    Also, I agree Janet in "Control Myself" would've been a good choice

  2. DAMNNNNN! janet's voice gets deep when she irritated. I'm still seeing her live despite no exclusive info from the queen herself.

  3. Suffice it to say, I've long admired both artists and always wondered why in spite of many times back in the day, LL acknowledged that he wanted to work with her, yet it's never happened. In any case, two icons for the price of one, live in concert, sounds very good to me! I already got my tickets for the Verizon Center so I'm set.

  4. Oh my god! Penny cursing! Where's my iron at?
    Behind Janet's snippy-ness, she has a lot of love for her boo J-Diddy.
    Jermaine, it's time to slap a rock on her left pinky.
    Send me an invite. Holla!


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