Joe Thomas Sings, Parties, Scores in ‘Why Just Be Friends’ Video

Joe Thomas may be a New Man, as evidenced by his upcoming album's title, but the first video from said album is more of the same we've come to expect from the R&B crooner.
"Why Just Be Friends" is filled with beautiful people partying in revealing clothes while in dancing in sync and drinking Kedar Massenburg's Korus wine in a fly crib high up in the Hollywood Hills. What keeps this formulaic video from being tired, though, is Joe is all his sexual chocolateness and the appearance of the stunning Claudia Jordan as the female lead who he's trying to woo. In the end, Joe gets the girl and they dip away to clearly become friends with benefits. Guess all that wine worked!

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  1. Love it! Love it! Love It! Joe has really managed to pull the rug from under me, and I am anticipating the release of "New Man". Based on what I've heard, thanks to SoulBounce, I don't need to review this CD, I'll promptly be picking this one up when it hits the stores. I am beyond impressed:)

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    LOL at Joe Blaming R-Kelly for his Career never really taking off. I lost A LOT of respect for him after that cop out... Joe is a great singer and he's done some good songs but he really has no one to blame but himself. How you gonna say R-Kelly sabotaged you ? That guy was busy in the studio writing ALBUMS not going from producer to producer and fishing for songs like Joe has on his last few projects. Even though Kelly is a sexually perverted freak, he's a monster song writer and PUTS IN WORK.. When Joe does 15 Trapped in the Closet episodes, a DVD to boot, goes through a child molestation case and releases 3 hit albums in the span of 3 years let me know.


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