Marsha Ambrosius Says ‘It’s Over’ and She Means It!

marsha_ambrosius_dress.jpgAfter yesterday's chilly reception to new music from Natalie Stewart, it's safe to say that, with the exception of her Neo-Soul is Dead mixtape, The Songstress > The Floacist. This new song from Marsha Ambrosius may just be another winner. For "RIP, It's Over" Marsha laid her vocals on top of the Notorious B.I.G.'s classic "What's Beef?" Without question, the sample is hot, but it's her voice and the lyrics that take song to another level. Marsha sings to her former love that after he did her wrong he is dead to her. All she has left for him is some flowers for his grave. Ouch. I'm noticing a trend here. Between this song and Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows," there are some very angry young women out there. Watch your back, fellas! Break a sista's heart and that may just be your car...or your ass.

Marsha Ambrosius: "RIP, It's Over"

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7 Responses

  1. The beat goes hard - but what's with all the Auto - Tune Marsh??

  2. Dont sound bad to me, it not what u use to, and thats a good thing

  3. I just heard this track somewhere else and I'm diggin' it! I digs Marsh!!!
    So there's this, there's 'Co-Star' & there's 'What's Goin' On' ft. The Game...Marsha's still making good music! Keep AT it...please! Drop more soooon....pretty please!!

  4. Baby doll reminds me of a young Mary J Blige on the what's the 4-1-1 kinda vibe. I am feeling this joint and her past joints found on this site. I guess i'm a be forced into copping her album whenever it drops.

  5. not bad, i prefer what she did with Floetry.

  6. Avatar

    Love me some Marsha with her fine self. Talented

  7. I appreciate the support of the records that are suddenly leaking due to anticipation... glad there are forums such as this one to share new thoughts... R.I.P was a thought... I really hated this dude that day... so much so, I wrote the unthinkable
    "It aint sweet no more
    don't need no more
    for you I'll bring the flowers
    now my shades is on
    I'm gone
    you've made it to your final hour
    So R.I.P
    you can leave me baby
    leave me be rest in peace
    OUCH!!!!! lol
    Thank goodness I have music as my therapy... 🙂 all luv...


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