Method Man Was Also Better in the ’90s

method_man.jpgI use that title in jest. Method Man is a cool, smart and funny dude, and I suspect that maybe he would enjoy this site if he ever got around to visiting it. But have any of you heard about the interview he recently did, which has been excerpted ad nauseum throughout the Internets with next to no context? Captain Obvious said Hip Hop music way better in the '90s because it was "way more grounded than it is today. Today, you don't feel the movement. Back then, you felt the movement." Agreed! But not only that. When artists back then rapped about straight-up bullsh** they did it with ten times the panache, creativity, and effort than anyone right now. But we've been saying that forever. The sad part is that this might come across as sour grapes from Meth, whose latter albums failed to perform as nicely as his debut, and people will use that to undermine his statement and continue to make excuses for the garbage popular Hip Hop of today. 

Method Man would later go on to point out that water is wet and salt is salty. [DEX]



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  1. Hip Hop was cool until the "bling era" came into play. It started going downhill ever since.


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