More Maxwell For The Taking

maxwell_tour.jpgIt is not a joke, people. After we announced that the enigmatic Maxwell would be going on tour, we now have more confirmed tour dates. And for those of you West of the Mississippi who felt shunned by Mr. "Don't Ever Wonder" himself, he will be crooning his way into your life in October and November. Before all of you stans (myself included) start pre-ordering his album, please understand that this is a "pre-party tour celebration to...commemorate the forthcoming trilogy Black Summer's Night" according to his MySpace page. So what does this mean? Methinks it will mean lots of restyled versions of his hits and maybe, just maybe, he'll hit us off with some new material because that "Pretty Wings" snippet that's been on his MySpace page since like forever is not going to cut it after all this time. All I will say is that it's a good idea that this tour is occurring in the fall because it is entirely too hot to have his full stan contingent falling out and losing consciousness left and right from all of his impossible sexiness. Can. not. wait.

Full tour schedule after the bounce.
  • Oct. 8 -- Boston -- Opera House
  • Oct. 9 -- New York -- Radio City Music Hall
  • Oct. 10 -- Wallingford, Conn. -- Chevrolet Theater
  • Oct. 14 -- Cincinnati -- Taft Theater
  • Oct. 15 -- St. Louis -- Fox Theater
  • Oct. 17 -- Indianapolis -- Murat Theater
  • Oct. 18 -- Chicago -- Chicago Theater
  • Oct. 19 -- Detroit -- Fox Theater
  • Oct. 21 -- Minneapolis -- Orpheum Theater
  • Oct. 22 -- Omaha -- Music Hall
  • Oct. 23 -- Kansas City, Mo. -- Uptown Theater
  • Oct. 25 -- Denver -- Paramount Theater
  • Oct. 28 -- Oakland -- Paramount Theater
  • Oct. 31 -- Las Vegas -- Pearl
  • Nov. 1 -- Los Angeles -- Shrine Auditorium
  • Nov. 6 -- Houston -- Verizon Theater
  • Nov. 8 -- Dallas -- Majestic Theater
  • Nov. 10 -- Birmingham, Ala. -- BJCC Hall
  • Nov. 11 -- Memphis, Tenn. -- Orpheum Theater
  • Nov. 12 -- Atlanta -- Civic Center
  • Nov. 14 -- Greensboro, N.C. -- War Memorial
  • Nov. 15 -- Richmond, Va. -- Landmark Theater
  • Nov. 17 -- Washington, D.C. -- Constitution Hall
  • Nov. 21 -- Philadelphia -- Susquehanna Center


7 Responses

  1. Avatar

    Nov. 8 I WILL BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aww yeah, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. Memphis is just right up the road from me.

  3. So excited. Got my tickets this afternoon for Radio City this afternoon, fabulous seats for what is sure to be an amazing evening. I sure do adore this brother!
    I can't wait to see him again.

  4. Praise the Lawd for October 28th...I'm there.
    First J. Hud/Jazmine S./Raphael Saadiq on 9/11 and now this??? Life is just getting better and better!

  5. I already have my tickets! Presale codes are the best things since sliced bread 🙂

  6. I already have my tickets! Presale codes are the best things since sliced bread 🙂

  7. Hey y'all,
    I went to the Maxwell show in the Heineken Music Hall on Oct 5th, and...IT WAS AMAZING!! The band, his voice, overall performance, everything fits! He's truly showing EVERYBODY who's the absolute king of nu-soul & r&b.
    He will do three new tracks of the new album, and the whole show was breathtaking. Y'all gonna be in for a fantastic night!


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