Morning Soul: When Mr. Trombone Slide

  • Isaac Hayes' cause of death has been listed as a stroke. [TT]

  • Jennifer Hudson
    looks fabulous in this new photo shoot. [TGJ]
  • Amerie coordinated her lipstick to her stilettos and stepped out with her sweetie. [YBF]
  • Cassie needs to stop jockin' Aaliyah's style post haste.  [TF]
  • Thanks to Kanye West, now Chicagoans will be able to go to Fatburger at 2 in the morning just like Ice Cube rapped back in the day. [CT]
  • Don't call Master P Master P anymore. [WH]

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1 Response

  1. i'll be the 1st to admit, I was like most saying this cant be true, this club bass booming track coming from musiq?!?!?! But I kinda like it now, I cant deny. I pray the rest of his album has more substance though. Please dont revoke my SOUL SISTA MEMBERSHIP CARD! 🙂


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