Morning Soul: When the River was Deep

  • The Roots are going on tour with Gym Class Heroes and Estelle. At least two outta the three ain't bad. [TCS]
  • According to sources, Fantasia and Young Dro have broken up. Pour a little Mad Dog 20/20 out for them. [C+D]
  • Alicia Keys is under consideration for another movie role. [UU]
  • Solange is pretty as a picture in her new promo flicks. [CL]
  • Beyoncé's new album is reportedly going to drop in November and will be entitled Virtuoso Intellect. Mmkay. [SOHH]
  • Diddy is creating yet another reality show. Do the words "ENOUGH ALREADY" come to anybody else? [WH]

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5 Responses

  1. What a wonderful way to start my day! Gorgeous George and Ree-Ree for my Morning Soul. Thank you!

  2. I actually like Gym Class Heroe's ecletic blend of music.

  3. I have just about Diddy'ed out! He needs to sit down somewhere.

  4. Gym Class Heroes music is fine in theory. It's their blatant colorism that I find a little disturbing.
    Solange is killing it.
    I admire Diddy's business acumen. A lot of people may dislike him, but this man is a genius at marketing himself and his brand.

  5. Bey? *sigh* Say it aint so. *praying Jay z impregnates her so I can have at least one mo year to myself*


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