Morning Soul: Hey DJ Keep Playing That Song

  • Santogold needs a stylist. Preferably one with 20/20 vision who isn't colorblind. [C+D]
  • Robin Thicke and Mary J.Blige have teamed up for a remix of "Magic" that I'm sure will be quite magical. [TRU]
  • Attention Jay-Z fans, The Blueprint 3 will be his next release. [BB]
  • R. Kelly tried to put the kibosh on Joe's career. Like we needed another reason to dislike Chester the child molester. [EUR]
  • This Amp Fiddler and Sly and Robbie album sounds like it's gonna be pure fire. [ST]

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2 Responses

  1. Zhane...damn I miss both of these fine sista's. I still bang their first 2 releases like it was yesterday. I hope they can reunite and drop some more music.
    As for Robert "Schoolgirl" Kelly, I am not suprised. We all know if you aint a 13 year old girl, he dont want nothing to do with you. Joe keep doing your thing my brother

  2. I don't know if this is a coincidence or done on purpose, but that Zhane record entered the charts about this time 15 years ago lol. Gotta love that '90s feel-good music.