Ne-Yo Throws Us a ‘Boomerang’ In ‘Miss Independent’ Video

In his new video, Ne-Yo is fulfilling a fantasy that I'm sure many men have had at one time or another: working in an office with nothing but smoking hot babes and only one other brother as your competition. Ne-Yo brings that fantasy to life if for only four fleeting minutes with a video that leans heavily on the 1992 classic Boomerang for its inspiration. Channeling his inner Marcus Graham and giving us his workplace Mack Daddy vibe, Ne-Yo attends a meeting with Gabrielle Union and Trey Songz, makes sexy eyes with Keri Hilson over the water cooler and stares at Lauren London's legs for way too long in this video world where sexual harassment and cellulite clearly doesn't exist. Furthering the fantasy, Ms. Union is ready to show Ne-Yo who's the boss at the end of the clip. And, scene!

All snark aside, I really like this video. Independent women (and the men who love us), stand up!

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3 Responses

  1. A gentleman would know when to take his hat off at some point. Thas all um gon' say.

  2. that was a lot of fine bitches squeezed into four and a half minutes. I approve!
    I love the dance sequence with the business chicks...half in shadow...incredibly inspired. dig that. the desaturated palette...hyper-reality...nice.


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