Nikka Costa to Turn Ears Back Toward This Side of the Atlantic

nikka-1064503767_l.jpgThe wave of '60s inspired, white, soul songstresses to have broken into the mainstream over the last few years would have some believing that recent contributions peaked with Amy Winehouse and plateaued with Duffy. While the Brits seem to get much of the attention, soul of this ilk is not exclusively an import. Re-enter fiery domestic singer Nikka Costa.

Now signed with legendary Stax Records, Costa is set to release her third state-side LP sometime this Fall. She gained attention earlier this decade with Everybody Got Their Something (2001) after the eponymous single became a sitcom and advertising goldmine. Even with critical acclaim and opening a few tours for the likes of Prince and Lenny Kravitz, her next album, 2005's gritty and enjoyable can'tneverdidnothin, failed to catch on with larger audiences (or marketing execs, depending on how you look at it).

Though apparently pushed back a few times and now slated for release either in September or October, Pebble To A Pearl has two promising leaks that are available online. Hers is a sound that settles comfortably outside of the recent hype that it undoubtedly influenced. It's neither groundbreaking nor hackneyed, but it damn sure is comfortable and is undeniably funky. She has the potential remind folks that it doesn't need to be brought back home; it never left.

Nikka Costa [Myspace]


4 Responses

  1. Nikka has it, if anything she was ahead of the curve for the new wave of blue eyed soul singers.She worked with Ronson (before he was everywhere) and Questlove. Hopefully, this album finds an audience, I will get it for sure. She always has good lyrics.

  2. im buying. she's sooooooooooooooooooo underrated. much better than wino or duffy. my fave song of hers is the live version of "when my man cries." soul stirring.

  3. Her live show is so killer! I saw her at the Canal Room in NYC when her last album dropped. And I agree about her version of "When My Man Cries" soul defining.

  4. Can't Wait for the new album, Love this girls music!


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