Presenting the Legendary Funk Puddin

A few
weeks ago Anthony David and N'dambi rolled through DC for one of the slamminest (won't find that in the dictionary) concerts to hit the DMV in a hot minute. If you weren't there, then you missed one helluva show. With the tightest afro this side of the '70s and legs for days, N'dambi put it down and set the stage for Anthony David who brought his soulful Southern swagger to DC for another display of dopeness. But the real story of the night was the surprise appearance of Funk Puddin, the long forgotten troubadour of funk and soul. He took the stage when Anthony David took a short break and sang Rick James' "Mary Jane," causing the audience to erupt in both sheer delight and awe. He only sang one song then was gone in a haze of braid sheen and satin, but I was fortunate enough to capture the man, the myth, the legend on video. Catch a glimpse of his genius below.

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4 Responses

  1. Looks like AD has a side career as a comedian.

  2. I had to go to AD's MySpace blog and read him...bcuz when he was in Philly, he did the bit minus the outfit. How you gonna cheat the people of this comedy when Stef and yo cuzzins Kindred are in the audience? LOL

  3. I wanna have a joint 401K with N'dambi:) I mean damn.....the sista is thick and long just how I likes them:)

  4. OMG! I love the reaction of the crowd and the re-make. That's my fave Rick James song.