So Big Tigger Plays for Our Team After All?

tigger.jpgGet your mind out of the gutter! What we're talking about here is a recent profile in WaPo, in which they spoke to five DC-area radio personality/deejays about what they do and why they do it, along with a few other insightful tidbits. What stood out for us were some of the revelations from Big Tigger and Jeannie Jones. If you're a DC local, you know that Tigger and Jeannie are in the employ of the two stations I use for my "Man vs. Machine" column. Luckily for them, they aren't nearly as bad as the 6-10 clowns, since they are responsible for afternoon shifts that primarily consist of at-work listening.

Tigger, specifically, is known for some of the most God-awful sh*t ever. Like hosting episodes of BET's Rap City, 106 & Park and even UnCut. Then he did that "Snake" remix with R. Kelly and Cam'Ron. But we've always maintained (internally at least) that a lot of these personalities don't necessarily live and breathe the genres they push. When asked by WaPo "If you were forced to play any other format, what would it be?," he responds with "Neo-soul/adult contemporary."

Not that we're surprised, he is an adult, after all. But it's the fact that he would go there that impresses us, as opposed to saying something like "Skater Punk" or "Electro-Clash" just to underscore how "cool" he is. He more or less acknowledged an area of Black music that isn't paying his bills, which leads us to wonder what really goes through his mind when he's playing some of the more popular stuff. We suspect it's something like "Oh well, a check is a check..."

Capital Hosts [WAPO]

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2 Responses

  1. I knew Tigger in college and I know now that he definitely knows better. Same goes with other vets in the DC radio game like DJ Iran, DJ Flexx, EZ Street and more.
    Hell, EZ even did a series of progressive parties and mix cd's. Everything was free and he covered all the costs including food from his own pocket. That's how I met Butta. EZ's DEEP into non-mainstream music.
    I came up in the early '90s learning a lot from all these cats before the musical landscape went down the toilet. My partner DJ Book of PGC is one of my personal favorite DJs of all time and he gets in a bad way when he can't get some alternatives to what he has to manage on the day job.
    For these folks, it really is a career and a paycheck. They can turn on the silliness when they're on the clock and toe the corporate line. And deep down, they really still believe in the ability of radio to reach people, despite all the BS they have to slog through.
    I personally went beyond a pessimistic point of no return a long time ago. That's why I'm on community radio.

  2. Plays for our team huh? 🙂 mad funny..........But isnt this the dude Superhead said was sleeping with Tyson Beckford? I dont know who to believe her or soulbounce, let me think on it for a taste and get back with you:)


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