Teens Who Listen To French Rap Prone To Snobbery & Baguette Theft New Study Advises

fishbone_413.jpgI mean the title of this post in jest...sort of. A new study published by the Australasian Psychiatry medical journal advises that child psychiatrists should pay more than close attention to the type of music that their teen patients favor. For example, if you like "dance" music, you could likely be engaging in drug use. Like jazz music? You're likely an introverted loner. Like pop music (And who hasn't at some point in their lives? It's "popular")? You're likely prone to be struggling with your sexuality. Like all three? You'll likely end up writing for a music blog, magazine, or working in a record shop. Hell, if you like techno, house, hip hop, afrobeat, and R&B, you could even find work as a DJ! 

While this journal article is likely attempting to bring to light the fact that clinicians should be paying more attention to their teenaged clients' music preferences, it instead places those who favor one type of music over the other as having a predilection for mental disorders. This is a slippery slope because it is entirely impossible to disagnose someone based upon their music preference. And as many doctors already know, one must never assume their patients' diagnosis lest they miss subtle clues that their patient may have another diagnosis not being considered. All in all, in my opinion, this article is promoting bad medicine. 
On another note, if you've always wanted to know what your musical preferences may mean from a twisted psychiatrists' standpoint, check after the bounce. Following the journal authors' logic, I'm an introverted, kleptomaniac drug addict who hates women. Go figure. 

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7 Responses

  1. I figured John McWhorter wrote this study.

  2. Being that I like a bit of it all, does that mean I'm schitzophrenic?

  3. @ Sugarlips:
    Not exactly. If you were hearing music in your head that no one else could hear, that would make you a schizophrenic.
    Sidenote: in pop culture, schizophrenia is equated with having "split" or "multiple" personalities. In clinical practice, schizophrenia refers to someone who is delusional (has an inability to distinguish what's real from what isn't) or who has haluucinations (hears voices or sounds; sees people or objects that others do not see). In short, someone whose sense of reality is impaired.
    Just wanted to keep all of y'all up-to-date. So endeth the lesson 🙂

  4. Stupid Australasian study....... how ridiculous to generalise people with their catergory of music.... i dont buy it, im from Australia and i think the people who made that up are not very intouch. DONT BELIEVE IT.

  5. I listen to much of every catergory and I turned out fine.Womp womp shows how their study is so inconsistent.

  6. So let me get this straight, if you like Jazz, R &B, and Rap, you are an angry, drug using thief who's in a gang and likes to be alone.
    Misfit indeed.
    Wait, what? 🙂

  7. Well, well, mate. I am glad to finally have an explanation for my higher levels of drug use, fights, gang membership, struggles with sexuality, introverted misfit(edness?), and overly responsible misogyny. It's too bad I love women (responsibly), have never been in a gang, don't struggle with sexuality, am a pacifist, and have relatively low levels of drug use, or I would have started listening to Heavy Metal music!


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