We Reiterate: Michael Jackson Turns 50 Tomorrow

mijac27056.jpgHello, World. SoulBounce here. Much was made of Madonna turning 50 this year by the MSM (Mainstream Media) and our favorite niche blogs, but nearly no one has mentioned that Michael Jackson is turning 50 as well. What's really going on, people? Perhaps it was because Madge dropped an album this year that caused everyone to pontificate about her 50th birthday as early as January? Or maybe no one wants to find themselves listing MJ's many accomplishments only to have to balance things out with the not-so-good stuff?

Look, whatever you think of the guy, he's Michael Jackson and he's about to reach the half-century mark. He's the biggest entertainer of our time. He's broken numerous records, transcended genres, and inspires countless copycats to this day! It's kind of a big deal that he's turning 50 but we've heard nary a celebratory peep. What gives?


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  1. Mike use to be a legend, now unfortunately he's a side show freak, the child molesting thing, the plastic surgey thing, the skin condition thing, the mask wearing thing, has made one of the top performers of all times a modern day joke and that hurts me because I grew up on Mike and the jackson's................I wouldnt call Mike the GOAT (performance wise) that titles goes to James Brown, although back in the 80's I thought Mike would go down as the baddest to ever do it.............

  2. Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince all turn(ed) 50 this year. Remember when people thought Prince was the weird one of the trio? And he appears the be the sanest of them all. And still looks like he did when he entered the business. MJ and Madonna........not so much. Heck, not at all if we're talking Michael Jackson.

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    MJ can look like Skeletor from He-Man and I'll still be still checking for his music all day every day. LOL

  4. As much as i loved MJ as a kid .after say 95 he just became a joke to me. The man has accomplished alot but all the weirdness just takes away from everything. Even Prince who is as crazy as a road lizard kept himself intact. Madge turning 50 this year was a big deal to most because hell we didn't expect her to still be around past 30 let alone 50.

  5. the man deserves his props. period. if you all somehow had the opportunity to see him again live RAT NAH, you would run over old people to do it.

  6. I'm seeing quite a few things on Google News about MJ turning 50, and I know I read a USA Today piece on the Prince-Madonna-MJ birthdays colliding.

  7. It's MJ ... he's the man, no matter what they say and no matter what they do.

  8. Everything you say is correct and them some, x 100...
    One word;


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