Alicia Keys Finds ‘Another Way To Die’ With Jack White


Having a sexy mocha-hued chanteuse sing the opening song for a James Bond movie is nothing new (see Shirley Bassey, Gladys Knight and Tina Turner), so it should come as no surprise that Alicia Keys's vocal stylings will be blessing the opening track for the upcoming James Bond release, Quantum of Solace. What is surprising is that Alicia will be dueting with The White Stripes' frontman, Jack White for the first duet in Bond theme history. While this duo won't be singing about any quantum physics and how they relate to Agent 007, the song, penned by Jack White, does explore themes of mistrust and paranoia that play central roles in the movie's script. In preparation for a November 14th release, expect to hear this song a lot, first during the Coca-Cola commercials that feature the instrumental, and next as the duo perform it worldwide at several of Quantum's premieres, including a live performance in England with the royal family in attendance. Looks like Alicia will continue to rack up more "firsts" as this year and her career continue to do quantum leaps of their own. 

Alicia Keys & Jack White: "Another Way To Die" (snippet)

[Image: Rolling Stone]

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6 Responses

  1. i love jack white and alicia keys. separately. i hate to say that, but they don't really sound right together on a song. i think this would have worked better had either of them tackled the vocals alone. the music is dope though.

  2. I agree with dar: their voices don't exactly go well together. It's a great song, though. Great production. But I think it's still a bit rough around the edges. I guess that's the rock 'n roll thing to do, but it's not for me.

  3. don't like it. they don't mesh well together.

  4. Great music, but not too crazy about their voices together. Like them both as individual artists. Guess we'll see.

  5. I luv it! When the full song is released it'll song better.

  6. LOVE IT!
    I listened to it about 100 times already....


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