All-4-One Has A New Record Deal, ‘I Swear’

Thumbnail image for all4one1.jpgAlthough most people probably only know All-4-One as the mid-nineties R&B group that sang the hit "I Swear," they have been steadily recording for years. Solo projects have kept the members busy between albums as well. Delious Kennedy has been performing both on Broadway and solo with another band, and Jamie Jones co-produces with The Heavyweights who most recently worked on Wayne Brady's upcoming album. The Los Angeles-based group first became popular singing a capella on "So In Love" and went on to win a Grammy for "I Swear."

They recently signed with Peak Records, and label president Andi Howard
comments on the non-existence contemporary R&B groups, stating:

"...There's not anything like it right now"

Which is completely obvious, but at least they are fully aware of the
shift to solo dominance in R&B over the last decade. Hopefully Peak
will give a great amount of support to All-4-One. With the most recent
release of Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville by their contemporaries Boyz II Men
doing fairly well, perhaps there is a shot. All-4-One is set to put an
album out sometime next year. Still, it's hard out here for an R&B
group. [SR]

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  1. For some reason, I feel like I just bumped into those dudes I avoided in high school. You know, the ones that were part of the Math Club...

  2. @ nOva
    Watch yourself...I was in the math club. Mu Alpha Theta, beyatches!

  3. first tape I ever purchased. I'm so excited!!! LOL


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