Amerie Gets a New Release Date! Yay! For An Old Album. Boo.

amerie_because_i_love_it.jpgThis latest album news from Amerie will either be met with a happy dance or a blank stare, but the geniuses over at her old record company (Sony BMG) have decided to finally bless the public with the heretofore unreleased third album, Because I Love It, from the leggy singer. Yeah, blank stare indeed. The good folks over at Idolator peeped the album on the new release schedule for next Tuesday, which is good news, I guess. Up until now the album languished in limbo for no good reason at all; it had some great tunes (one of which is below) on there that would have surely gained some rotation and radio play had it been given a chance. But in their infinite wisdom, the powers that be decided to pull the plug on a stateside release of Because I Love It and instead pushed it overseas. Why? Your guess is as good as mine, but come September 30th you can pick up the CD for yourself finally. Any true Amerie fan has more than likely already bought or downloaded this one from many an online source that posted the import when it first surfaced last year. Hopefully Def Jam will get some true new Amerie material out there sooner than later. In the meantime, we'll enjoy this reheated appetizer while we wait for a freshly cooked main dish.

Amerie: "Take Control"

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  1. For some reason she is always overlooked. I honestly think it's b/c she would have Beyonce appeal (don't know if her vocals are as strong, but she has everything else), and they don't want that type of competiton for miss B.....

  2. uh...nice photoshop clone pic?

  3. ive owned this album for over a yr. i purchased it while in London. I really like it and she wrote most of the album. Hopefully with her new Def JAm deal she will get her due.

  4. Amerie and Christina Milian were stuck between a rock and hard place, Beyonce and Rihanna with Ciara not helping their cause. Though to her credit she has always had a fresh sound, so much so that everybody hired the producer that gave her the sound, Rich Harrison. I liked her first two album, not to sure about her vocal and dancing abilities.

  5. This was CRIMINAL. I purchased the import copy last year when it dropped overseas, and waited, and waited for an American release date.
    I'm going to buy it again Tuesday just to show my support for one of the best mainstream urban records of 2007, what a waste of talent on her label's part.-QH

  6. Ummmmm....this didn't come out? Whoops...I thought it did, I just didn't like it enough to buy it. I do like Amerie a lot but this album just didn't do it for me. I loved the first, liked the second (a little) & the third...? Meh..*shrugs shoulders*

  7. I dig Amerie lots. Her first album was the business. It's funny, because back then people were comparing her sound to early Mary, which I can sorta see. But the eventual Beyonce comparisons were lazy and insulting and only came on the heels of "1 Thing" because people slept when she first came out. People act like B is the prototype or something. That shit really annoys me.

  8. It's been available overseas for a hot minute. I saw it at a Tower Records when I was in Japan last month, and wondered if it had been released in the states or not.
    From her first album, I always said that she'd be an artist where there was no clear indicator of how her career would go. Always teetering on the edge between super stardom and total obscurity.

  9. I imported this CD from when it came out last year. This is a damn mistake by the record company. besdies they are still going to leave off the bonus track "Losing U" which was the best cut on the Album to me.

  10. I'm still depressed about the nose job.
    But Amerie has straight up dancefloor WMD's that don't get enough love.
    Hate 2 Love U is that biznis.

  11. Damn shame about Amerie. I liked a couple cuts on this disc, but "Take Control" sounded dated when it leaked last (?) year, and even moreso now. She keeps getting J.Lo "quality" tracks (I think her "Hold It, Don't Drop It" could have easily fit in this album) when her voice can handle more challenging songs.
    Out of sheer curiousity I wouldn't mind her trying just one modern-retro track ala The Other Knowles Girl just to see how her voice would fit in that genre.
    (What nose job?)

  12. She like most of the artists these days. She needs a hot producer. I love the first album not because of her but because of the music of Rich Harrison.

  13. I hate the Beyonce comparisons too. Amerie had this sound first and her premiere record was GREAT. I have it, still listen to it, still love it. I might give this one a listen...maybe purchase depending. 🙂

  14. Because I Love It was on rotation for a while and I did get the import on Amazon.
    This was actually when the throwback sound was good, but she always had that sound when she came out with All I Have.It sad that they releasing it now especially since she now claims Def Jam.
    Don't sleep on Paint Me Over and When Loving You Was Easy!

  15. I've been waiting for this...that vid was sick and so was That's What U R.

  16. Sony dropped the ball big time, I bought this album over a year ago from, it's different in a good way. It seemed to me that they picked the worst songs to be potential lead singles. Paint me over and Crazy wonderful could've given her album some momentum.

  17. I have this cd and I really like!!!

  18. As if the Beyonce comparisons aren't bad enough, I used to loathe the Rhianna comparisons even worse..I'd like to come across some interviews she's done to see whether she's spoke her mind about the handling of her career. I'm frustrated and insulted for her that she's always so overlooked and compared as if her talent isn't good enough to speak for itself.

  19. I really don't understand the Beyonce comparison. She sounds nothing like her and don't even favor her looks none. I think she needs to work on what ever she did in the first album, so far, it hasn't been topped.