Another ‘Unauthorized’ Leak, Another Artist That Doesn’t Get It

neyobw.jpgLast week, we asked our intrepid readers if labels should hold themselves accountable for leaks and the response was an overwhelming "yes." Sure, the blogs and downloaders perpetuate the entire mess, but leaks don't originate from nowhere. Can someone please tell Ne-Yo that? A song he wrote for Shakira leaked, and since he's the one singing it, everyone thought he was singing to a guy. Funny stuff! "A lot of these songs that wind up on the Internet, people don't get the back story and then it just sounds weird. You have me singing a song and I'm saying 'he' a lot, and nobody makes the assumption that I'm a songwriter and I do write songs for women every now and then. People don't gather that so then they go, 'Oh, what is this? What is Ne-Yo doing? Is he trying to tell us something?' No, I'm not trying to tell you anything. You shouldn't have downloaded the song, pirates!" Oh, Ne-Yo! We so do not sympathize.Tell us who was minding the store when you were out getting drunk with Jigga? [SR]


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  1. They know where these leaks are coming from. Where else would these be coming from?


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