Can Michael Jackson Make Another ‘Thriller’? Do We Want Him To?

shades_of_michael_jakcson.JPGMichael Jackson is allegedly hard at work on his comeback album, which he wants to be on the same level or better than Thriller. Good luck with that, Mike, because I really don't see that happening.

I'm sorry, but Michael Jackson will be hard pressed to make an album on the same level as Thriller without enlisting any of the original talent who made that a stellar recording. With the exception of Ne-Yo,
who has submitted songs for consideration to be included on the album,
any of the other names who've been tossed around as collaborators on
the new project need to be tossed out. Will.I.Am? Nope. Akon? Hell to the nope. After hearing their underwhelming contributions to the Thriller 25 disc, they need not even be mentioned as it relates to this new album. Seriously.

If you really want to set Michael Jackson's next project off, bring back people like Rod Temperton and James Ingram to write the material, musicians such as Greg Phillinganes to play on the set and the legendary Quincy Jones to
produce it all. Those are tried and true hitmakers who make iconic
music and not just tunes to snap to in the club. If anyone can help to craft a new
MiJac album on that same level of greatness, it's those cats.

But then this begs the question: Do we want another Thriller

Don't get me wrong, Thriller is
an excellent album, but what if Michael were to really step out on a
limb and make a straight-up R&B/soul album along the lines of Off the Wall? We've already played armchair executive producer and suggested that he revisit the smooth neo-soulish numbers that were the hardest-hitting tracks on 2001's Invincible on his next disc. Yes, Michael is the King of Pop, but I think he needs to switch lanes from pop back to soul. The man is 50 years old; he needs to reinvent himself ... again. The pop game is fickle, but real soul music is forever.

Maybe Michael will be successful in his bid to recreate that Thriller magic on his new album, but I won't be holding my breath. I'll be too busy grooving to Off the Wall and waiting for an album on that level.

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23 Responses

  1. How about he try to recreate his original face? I'm sorry, that was inappropriately mean...but I don't think he'll ever touch the greatness of either ,em>Off The Wall or Thriller. However, he could have some really solid stuff if he goes to some tried and true people like you suggested Butta.

  2. @DLS77: You almost made me spit Country Time on my keyboard with that opening line! *dead*

  3. im sure it will be a album produced by akon & tpain

  4. I don't even know who this guy is anymore. Physically or musically. I'm sure he doesn't even know who he is either.

  5. I agree completely. Seriously, he should make more "Break of Dawn"/ "Butterflies"-type tracks.
    I don't think Mike can pull off the same music he did when he was 25 nor is music in the same place it was then.

  6. Yes "Break Of Dawn" is a nice track.But Whitney said it said it best "Hell To The Naw!" I love MJ, but I just want him to let it flow.

  7. I think he CAN, but Thriller is like seriously outdated now, so I don't think he SHOULD.

  8. I think my problem with this, is that Jones/Ingram/etc. are all accomplished and respected musicians, they also at that time were veritable commercial properties. The same as Akon and w.ill.iam as far as giving a sound that is viable.
    Just because they are viewed as "old school" or "decent" music related folk, doesn't mean that they weren't behind some of the most slick, produced, and most played songs of the 1980's.
    I don't know about Akon, but Will has done work for Chrisette, Macy, Estelle, and other SoulBounce favorites whom you all rave about. He does have an ear and I like what he has produced for those acts.
    Despite that, MJ's album will be a veteran treat, nothing groundbreaking, but pleasant none the less.-QH

  9. Finally! Someone realizes that Off The Wall was his best album. I love Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, parts of HIStory and 2/3 of Invincible, but Off The Wall is better than Thriller. Why?
    Four words: The Girl Is Mine

  10. I think MJ has been so obsessed with reliving his Thriller Days that he's been artistically paralyzed for the past 20 years. Besides a few songs scattered across post-Thriller albums, he's never really regained his footing, that drive, that ambition, that joy he used to have with just making music without so many expectations strangling his creative spirit. If I could ever talk to MJ, I would suggest to him to just let go of frivolous titles like "the King of Pop" so he can liberate himself from his persona and embrace music again. I'd go as far as to release an album under a secret moniker.

  11. I seem to remember that behind all the posing, panting, yipping and squeaking there's an achingly beautiful voice.
    I'm imagining him retrieving his dignity and releasing an album of great songs sung well and promoted discretely. We know he can do it... but it's not going to happen.
    In a few years he will open in a spectacular high concept "comeback" show in Vegas with his spcial guests Siegfried and Roy.

  12. Well Neyo has been submiiting songs left and right and says that MJ is very he should

  13. I understand MJ wanting to keep with the times and all, but the last thing he should do is make trendy music..I always considered him a trendsetter not a trend-follower..I pray to God he shuts all the critics out and doesn't crack under the pressure to create something better than Thriller--it's highly unlikely. And it's not for a minute because he doesn't have the talent, but I think the industry is just no where near where it was 25 YEARS AGO for it to happen. Just put out music we appreciate and love u for, and YES I agree that a return to 'off the wall' album's soul would be a good good look!!

  14. I think MJ is better off trying to recreate Off The Wall than Thriller. Please! Please! no T-Pain nor,Akon. MJ should be begging QJ for his help, and yes stick with the more soulful side. Don't wanna see no 50 year old trying to stay on top of the Pop charts.

  15. I think we should all face up to the fact that Michael Jackson is so emotionally and physically damaged that we may never get another album from him, period. I agree with the person below who said that Michael doesn't seem to even know who HE is right now, I shudder at the thought of what kind of music he might put forth in his current state. Better for him to just stay aloof and a legend, than try a comeback that fails miserably and tarnishes the memories.

  16. I also agree that OTW is his best album. "Rock With You"?! Come on now.
    So no, I'll pass on Thriller Part Deux. No ma'am. He is an icon and I'll always regard him as such. However, I agree with SR. I don't know if we'll ever get another great album out of him. I think he should go on and do the Vegas thing.
    Don, do not pass go. Please go sit in the corner. Stay out of grown folx conversation 🙂

  17. I think I'm in love with the person who wrote this article and couldn't agree more...I much prefer OTW to Thriller. A new album from Michael Jackson containing Soul/R&B tunes? YES PLEASE!! And I really hope that's what he's aiming for, a feel good album that becomes an instant classic. And to Stephanie Renee, MJ already has a tarnished image, he needs to at least make an effort to try and fix his reputation and what better way then to show the world once again what he's about, the music....

  18. I couldn't agree more. This is 100% correct. He needs to bring them kats back that know real soul music. The first person I say bring back is Rod Temperton....

  19. Well. I both agree, and disagree with you.
    Because you must remember that thriller has becomed the biggest selling album ever over a period of time that goes from 1982, to 2008.
    Maybe his album Invincible has sold 30 million copies or more in 2028? Who knows? The fact is that Michael still outdoes anyone in the music buisness, when he releases something. I mean: Thriller 25 topped nearly every chart in the world, and his Wanna Be Starting Something 08 featuring Akon, was played on the radios like 24/7? So i can't see why Michael shouldn't be able to have a comeback? I mean .. people all over the world are hungry for more from him. They are begging, wishing, writing, about it. It's what people are talking about everywhere. In the news, on the radios, in the tv: Michael's comeback.
    And do we want it? Yes! Why? Because he's so interesting, i mean, watching him get back in there and dance our heads off.. Fantastic. I think it will happen! And i think that he's in for a huuge comeback. Wait and see. The one who can get back in the music buisness we have today, is THE ONE WHO CREATED IT!

  20. Michael should start to be, i mean up in the concerts like the only man that could compet with him, should be more like AXL ROSE, if Michael does this, energetic concerts, he will be a GOD

  21. As much respect as I have for Q Jones, Michael Jackson doesn't need him. MJ doesn't need to be stuck in the past. There will never be another THRILLER, so put all that bull aside and just put your heart into it and give your fans some good MJ music. Let's stop compairing everything MJ does to THRILLER. The media is just waiting to see him fail, but I believe in him, he can do it. Maybe he needs to get his confidence back, he has been drag through the mud.But I am waiting, hoping, and praying for him.

  22. I love Mike and I totally agree with you. Unless he`s going to hook up with Quincy, Rod Temperton, Greg Phillinganes, etc. I seriously doubt he`ll create a masterpiece. I also agree with you that he should go strictly R&B/soul. I don`t want/need a pop album from a man who`s 50 years old.
    Will.I.Am, Akon, etc. do not get me excited. Mike should leave the pop to the new generation and get where he belongs; and that`s R&B/soul. Quincy, Rod, Greg and company are who he should be looking up. Somehow though I see him making the mistake and going pop while working with less than the best.
    I`ll always love Mike but his musical direction/decision making baffles me. If he were to hook up with his original team and give us a R&B /soul album I`m sure the results would be amazing. Anything other than that, I`m sorry to say, is a big waste of time..