Deborah Cox’s ‘Beautiful’ Return

deborah_cox_shoulder.jpgJust a few weeks ago, we mentioned that Deborah Cox has a new album on the way and like magic another song has appeared from it for our consumption. After taking a detour from her R&B and dance diva status to bring us the jazzy Destination Moon Dinah Washington tribute album last year, "Beautiful U R" finds Deb putting her dancing shoes back on with an empowering, upbeat song. She encourages women who are listening to the song to "look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are." Love the sentiment and after hearing this song and the first single "Did You Ever Love Me?," I can already tell that I'm going to be loving Deborah's new CD The Promise when it hits the shelves.

Deborah Cox: "Beautiful U R"

Deborah Cox [Official][MySpace]

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  1. I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!! Very underrated and she has so many great songs, aside from the ones that were released as singles! Go on D. Cox!!! "Stairway to Heaven" and "We Can't Be Friends" those are the cuts!

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    She was allways a boot leg Toni Braxton come on now. Nice track and song

  3. @ Mutada al sader the king
    WHAT? You need to put the crack pipe down, son. Deborah Cox a bootleg Toni Braxton? That's laughable and so ridiculous a thought.

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    I'm not the only one who thought that, people were saying this 7-8 years ago. Check the reviews for one of her albums. (link below) 2 or 3 other people drew the comparison. This song is nice. Peace
    Oh yea in the word of a famous DIVA Crack is whack ! : )

  5. lol @ Butta. They don't even sould alike. Unlike Toni, who I happen to love, Deborah doesn't sound like she's haunting someone.

  6. Deborah has such a beautiful voice. She is in the category with Tamia, of artists who for some reason, do not get the attention that they deserve.
    I dont know about that toni braxton comparison at all...

  7. Lawd, I love this woman.
    LOL @ nOva.
    Team, remind me to tell you my embarrassing Deborah Cox story on the next conference call. Oy. lol

  8. DC is one of the finest sista's EVER born, I would drink her bath water and do all that babyface crap to keep her (buy her clothes, cook her dinner, etc, etc) I wanna grow old with Debbie, I think i'm in love ya'll:)

  9. How excited I am right now, Deborah Cox is SO the truth..My excitement is almost overshadowed by the comparison to Toni Braxton tho--I have no earthly clue how someone could compare them. Not to take anything away from Toni who I wish was still makin good music, but the sound, texture and vibe of their voices are much too different. Deborah Cox has been one of my favorite voices since I was too young to understand what "You're Not Supposed to Be Here" even meant!!

  10. I cannot wait for her CD, I live and love for her voice. Its good to see her back on the R&B trail. Her Jazz CD was a beautiful tribute. I am loving both songs I have heard so far from this album. Properly titled because she sure is Promising her fans good good stuff.

  11. Cant Wait!!! copping 3 albums when it drops! 🙂

  12. this marks the return of the Queen of the dance floor.thank yoiu for returning back home deborah with your beautful loving your song


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