Erykah Badu Offers Insights Into ‘New Amerykah Part Two’

After her concert in Los Angeles for the Vortex Tour, Erykah Badu gave an exclusive interview to Tunji from Inverse that has just been posted on Okayplayer. Although she looks semi-terrifying and appears to be finding lucidity between exhaustion (the interview took place after her performance at 2 am) and highness, she gives some great information about the tour and her eagerly anticipated follow-ups to New Amerykah Part One: Fourth World War. Intercut with some concert footage are some funny quips about how she and The Roots mess with each other's sets, and some information on who she's collaborating with on New Amerykah Part Two.

She mentions Jah Born and individual members of Sa-Ra producing on Part Two, as well as the inclusion of Bilal and possibly Andre 3000 on some songs. Since this interview took place in June there's no telling how much has changed or when we will all finally get to hear her next installment. Sensing the anticipation even then, she assures us that the album is coming and tells us to hold on. We're holding, Erykah. [IH/OP]


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  1. I'm going to have to re-play New Amerykah Part 1, cuz I haven't been able to get into it at all save for two or three songs. I'mn hoping part 2 will be better.

  2. @ DLS77
    I tried that. Didn't work for me. But as an Erykah fan, I am looking forward to NA Part 2 nonetheless. If it's on the same tip as Part 1, though, then I don't know.

  3. *pouts* I feel so alone. Nobody liked it in its entirety but me. Ahh well. I've stood alone before.
    Bilal. That's all I need to know.
    Dre? Well as long as they aren't on some Mary and K-Ci ish, I'm feeling it. Sa-Ra will be a good look too.
    I'm excited.

  4. i felt the same way too -- until i saw her live with this album. IMHO it brought a whole new life to it. a straight play&listen session wont cut it bc theres so many nuances that amazingly enough you can catch better in performance than sitting w it on your ipod as background noise. especially if you were waiting for your ears to perk up at the sound of something 'next lifetime' like or to hear something like the previous album... or even the one before that... or the one before that. now i cant wait for pt. 2

  5. I've seen Erykah perform this album (NA 1) live. That was enough to make me a fan of it.

  6. I too saw Erykah's live version of this album. Much better than the album itself.

  7. Part 1 sucked save 2 songs so I hope this renews my faith in the former neo soul sister turned hiphop diva

  8. Save me & Vivrant Thang, you all are not true Erykah stans. Part 1 was fiyah, and her live performance was amazing, especially considering that she was pregnant at the time.
    Can't wait for Part Dos.

  9. Just when I thought it was sfae to go back into the water....:)

  10. I love New Amerykah part 1, it stayed in heavy rotation for three months on my cd player and I pod. Than I got so antsy for Prt 2 that, I brought Mama's gun, and now they are both on heavy rotation lolz...
    I think Erykah is beyond words, her music functions as a continuum, and I am just glad to be moving along those parallel
    i FEEL THAT NEW AMERYKAH was theatrical in some senses and I love I SAID HEAVY ROTATION!!!!!
    OH and can u release New Ameryakh part 2, already lol...

  11. I STAN for this woman but she kills me. WHEN THEE HELL is Part two dropping??? I need a date or something. Got me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting on something official.
    And Part 1 is a VERY heady album. It took me a few spins and LIFE to really appreciate it. Not everyone is going to get it and that's OK. You either love it or hate it.

  12. I'm with novamatic. Erykah made a left turn with this album, but I was down for the ride. I liked the textures and roughness around the edges of some of the tracks. Seeing her live in support of Pt. 1 made me dig it even more. And "amen" to whoever called it "theatrical". I've always gotten the impression E's a performance-artist who sings, if that makes sense.
    That said, I won't mind seeing her switch it up in pt2. I feel like she was telling stories about what's going down now, and the next album will look to the ahead optimistically at what's coming next. Like some kinda new millennium afro-futurist soul. Does that exist? Cuz if it don't, Analog Girl could bring it.

  13. She could drop part 3 and 4 and I wouldnt spend a dime on them, folk round these parts know I cant really stand Ms. Badu as a artist. I do have a couple of CD's from her but those where her early joints before she decided to act and dress strangely which takes away from the music, but thats just my opinion....and I'm sticking too it.

  14. i thought erykah said she dont get high...

  15. Can someone puhleez pass stoneyisland a spliff???

  16. I love everything on the first installment and can't wait to see what all those talented names come up with in part 2. Saw her at Radio City Hall in May...GREAT performer.

  17. NA pt.1 is an interesting album in that it has divided those, who before it's release, were 100% in tune with Ms Badu. She has definitely pushed boundries on this album but that's what artists need to do to keep things excitin. I'm not sayin all artists should go to such extremes but boundry pushing is what we have come to expect from EB. I say KEEP PUSHIN!
    I personally love NA pt.1 ... I'll admit on 1st listen I did scratch my head a little but from then on it's been in heavy rotation on my iPod. Cannot wait for pt.2, also the Loretta Brown (?) album.
    Erykah Badu + Bilal + Andre 3000 = MUSICAL HEAVEN!!!!
    [a track with D'Angelo would take it to a whole new level but aint gonna hold my breath!]

  18. jennifer baby, I dont smoke or drink but thanks for the offer:) the meantime what up with your girl Ms. badu looking like Cartman from south park with the hoodie thing?!? babydoll has officially lost it, I could barely stand her with the headwrap but now she is on some straight up, craziness:) I think she needs a 730 exam.........

  19. Haha! Hey Stoney! You know I had to get you for that one.
    But Badu's not sane. She's very much alive. She can walk around in a potato sack and I wouldn't care. The music's just TOO DAMN GOOD:)


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