Foreign Exchange Pleases With ‘Daykeeper’

If any of you have been following the teasing videos for Foreign Exchange's upcoming Leave It All Behind, the sensual instant message conversations leave you with the guilty feeling of eavesdropping but with the delight of knowing that great new music is just over the horizon. It's been four years since Phonte and Nicolay put their own twist on the smoothed out "soul hop" of Connected, and with their latest single, "Daykeeper," they do not disappoint. Muhsinah plays the melodic foil to Phonte's mellifluous expressions of joy that "When the sun rises/ She watches over me." In short, the smoldering intensity on this track is exactly what we would all expect from this well-matched duo. 

Foreign Exchange feat. Muhsinah: "Daykeeper"

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13 Responses

  1. that's a single?!?
    bold move.
    amazing tune... on some Portishead/Rotary Connection/Zero 7/5th Dimension isht.

  2. the melodic foil to Phonte's mellifluous expressions of joy
    Talk that good ish Mami!
    HOT TO DEF! Everything about it.

  3. Lovin' it! Sexy and mature.

  4. This is fantastic.
    Excellent words and post, ill Mami!

  5. i lurk often but never comment. i couldnt resist on this one. i have been listening to this since i saw it this morning. i almost hate them for dropping something so amazing and having me wait so long for the whole album. i feel like a junkie i need my foreign exchange fix!

  6. Portishead? Not so much. This is more like Tricky and Marina Topley-Bird kind of magic, only with Phonte's always surprising pipes to make it all better.

  7. Love, love, love this! If the album is as good as this song, I will definitely purchase. Thanks for posting it for us to enjoy 🙂

  8. This song OMG!!!

  9. I cant sit here and just follow everybody's lead on this one...I have FE's entire catalog but this isnt one of their better joints. It's not horribly bad but it's not as good as previous songs, the second single better be better if they want me to spend my hard earned paper on the album................


  11. Yall always showing love!! WE love you too!

  12. Ooohwee. Nice. I'll be honest, haven't heard of Foreign Exchange till this post, but I'ma keep listening now. Ah SoulBounce, thanks again!


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