Ginuwine Is The Baby Hair Pimp of This Slow Jam Game … ‘Please’ Believe It!

Yeah, so I'll admit it: I have more than one Ginuwine album. I gyrated and squealed like a giddy school girl when "Pony" came out, corny as it was. And I more than pumped his duet with Aaliyah, "Final Warning." Why? Because the beat was fresh, and back then when we were all in the midst of a Sisqo-induced freak haze, a Timbaland beat meant something, cotdarn it! Now that Ginuwine has stealthily returned in all of his Hawaiian Silky glory with "Please You," I can't be mad. For starters, his style has remained the same which proves that he is to Omarion and his brethren what Aaron Hall was to the Jodeci's and Playa's of this world. And secondly, Ginuwine has always been the king of the well-executed, yet clichéd slow jam. Case-in-point: "Them Jeans." So leave your preconceptions about what soul music should sound like, and embrace some good old-fashioned groin-pumping music. [H/T: UMB]

Ginuwine: "Please You"

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  1. I am so confused! I thought that was Nas and Aaliyah who did "You Won't See Me Tonight.

  2. You're right, Just me, and it's been changed. Thanks!

  3. Babyhair pimp:) damn thats mad funny Mami:):):) one thing I can respect is Babyhair Pimp is sticking too what made him popular, he aint trying to have Lil weezy and Jeezy all up on a least not yet:) i'm a scoop up his new joint when it drops. Although the hottest R&B out right this moment is that new Wayne Brady (YES THAT WAYNE BRADY)

  4. Wayne Brady is a double threat now: television and R&B music. Give this man some room before he goes out and choke a bitch!

  5. Avatar

    Agree w/ Stoney he's staying in his lane. I would be mad if he came with 808's / Arpegiator synths and Auto Tune..
    Wish - Tim, Missy and baby hair would lock them selves in a studio for 3 weeks and create another classic.
    And I don't know if I'm the only one that hears it but at times Ne-Yo's vocal style is similar to Ginuwines.

  6. I can't hate too badly on my DC folx out here making music, but this is BORING. He sings it well enough, but it's so ordinary without even the lest little bit of nostalgic charm. Yawn...

  7. I had low expectations for this, but Ginuwine delivered a pretty good slow jam here.

  8. I used to be in love with Ginuwine. What 15 yr old wasn't when "Pony" came out? lmao Those were the days. I saw the video the other day on Vh1 Soul and just shook my head...if somebody came out with anything remotely close to Ginuwine's antics back in the 90s, they'd be roasted alive. lol
    I like this song though. I hope he comes back and does well.


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