Glenn Lewis is Back for More with ‘It’s Just Like’

glenn_lewis_sexy_as_all_get_out.jpgThere are more than a few artists who we've been waiting to serve up some piping hot new music here at SBHQ. Maxwell, Whitney Houston, Maxwell, D'Angelo and Maxwell immediately come to mind. However, there's another artist who we're hungry to hear more from: Glenn Lewis. Earlier in the year, a soulful house song surfaced that was both a party starter and a testament to how awesome a singer Glenn is. But being the type of people who love, need and want real singers and their music in our lives, that one song was nice but far from enough satisfy our healthy appetites.

However, now we have something else from Lewis to dig our teeth into. "It's Just Like" is a lush love song that uses simile to describe what true love is like. The track is a soothing musical massage, lyrically and sonically. 

Aside from how beautiful this song is, what really struck me about it was how much he doesn't sound like Stevie Wonder. The first time I hit "play" I was seriously giving my iTunes the side-eye because I expected to hear one thing but was pleasantly surprised by another. Upon doing further research I landed on Glenn's MySpace music page and sure enough this cut is on his player, along with some more newness.
As it turns out, Glenn wrote this song in 2006, and -- the best news of all -- he is diligently working on a new album. There's no release date scheduled for the upcoming project, but hopefully it will appear sooner rather than later. Nonetheless, we can wait to be served.

And while Glenn is prepping for his long-overdue comeback, perhaps he can tell his Canadian brethren Remy Shand that we're waiting on him, too?

Glenn Lewis: "It's Just Like"

Glenn Lewis [MySpace]

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6 Responses

  1. !! I'm so excited to read that Glenn's got material in the works.
    Wow...this song's so pretty...and yeah, haha, he better let Remy know we miss him too. !

  2. I miss Remy =[. His debut was good soulful music.
    anyway, it's good to read that Glenn's working on new music

  3. Remy is THAT MAN. Another blue-eyed soulster who's just in DEEP. I love his record. LOVE IT. Glenn Lewis: have his first LP and love it.

  4. I need an album right now Glenn!

  5. Are you all sure that Glenn wrote this? I swear this sounds like something from Wanya's pen and brain. And I do LOVE me some him! LOL

  6. GOOD FOR HIM! I like the new sound. I was just googling around wondering what happened to him. Glad to know he's coming back