I Just Called To Formally Introdoosh Myself: ‘I’m His Only Woman’

Thumbnail image for fantasiajhud.jpgThe actual singing of the actual song "I'm His Only Woman" is actually good. Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia Barrino have two of the most unique and powerful voices in contemporary R&B, and it's fascinating and satisfying to hear them singing with each other. This is particularly evident in way that their voices interweave at the end of the song -- a testament to their ability to, you know, actually sing. Sure the concept of the song is beyond predictable, but they more than make up for that with solid singing performances.

Jennifer Hudson feat. Fantasia: "I'm His Only Woman"

Now that the niceties are out of the way, let's address the most egregious use of The Phone Call Intro in recent memory, and possibly in all of music history.

This device is annoying when used properly (see:
"The Boy Is Mine"), but here it is an affront to all parties involved
in and subjected to its inaneness. It is hilariously badly performed
("Hello? Ca..Can I speak to Jennifer?" ... "I don't need no introduction.
I'm his woman and I am Jennifer Hudson."), but is too laborious to even
be funny in its campiness. It assumes we listeners are complete morons
by setting up a song that gives away its subject in the title, and
then it blasts us with meandering hypocrisy. Really, if Fantasia is not
being disrespectful then why is she calling Jennifer and starting drama
with her when if anyone deserves the drama brought to them it's Tony?
Above all, though, the intro is entirely too long. It takes up nearly a quarter of the entire length of the song.

"I'm His Only Woman" would be much, much better without the introduction.

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  1. YES, well played. Old school R & B at it's best.

  2. Thanks for posting! Love the song, because it's new with a classic twist (without trying too hard). Both vocals are on point, and I was rolling at the intro when Jennifer reiterated if Fantasia was calling to introduce herself. "I'm Jennifer Hudson." Classic! This will be a hit.
    Also, when phone intros come to mind I would have to say I always go back to Jade's "Don't Walk Away."
    "We're not home right now, but if you leave a message, we'll get back to you, to you, to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu."
    So many of my friends jacked that and used it as their answering machine intro it killed me!

  3. Yikes! i think the whole song is a hot mess. I can handle Fantasia on certain songs, but her voice was exceptionally shrill on this...and I dunno....I'm not the biggest JHud fan. I know she can sing...really sing, but her voice is too powerful to me. I know that sounds crazy, but she just seems more suited for theatrical productions rather than mainstream stuff......I like Spotlight and the single she had out last year with Ne-yo, but that is about it...

  4. Yep the song concept is "been there done that" and the intro is lame, but these two SANG that song. I just listed to it on 2 other blogs and yep I'm digging it.

  5. This is a hot mess. Soooooo played. And as much as I wanna like JHUD, I just can't. (I do like spotlight tho) It's like she just wants to holler all the time. Show me just a smidge of verstility, please. Who wants to listen to a album full of shouting (and not even purposeful shouting like Mary)? Not me that's for damn sho!

  6. They are all types of WRONG for that intro!!!!! "If this was ten years ago, I'd be at the front door readt to whoop your ASS!!!!"
    You couldn't write comedy that good.

  7. Ok, how many people were waiting for her to say, "I am his woman, and my name is Efffie!"? *raises hand*
    They are all types of WRONG for that intro!!!!! "If this was ten years ago, I'd be at the front door ready to whoop your ASS!!!!
    LMAO!!! You couldn't write comedy that good.

  8. Yeah, Barry, it did sound like her Effie was coming out. I would like the song if it was anyone else but Fantasia singing with her. Fantasia's screaming in my ear made me turn it off before the last verse even hit.

  9. I am so. mad. at "introdoosh".

  10. Didn't Brandy & Monica already do this..oops wrong song.

  11. Reason # 5498099 why I can't stand Fantasia. She made this song super ghetto with that illiterate intro. She is queen of the hoodrats. Girl, BYE!

  12. Whoa, I absolutely hated that! Fantasia annoys me in the worst way, but Jhud can blow! Overall, the song is played and boring

  13. I'm over it. NEXT!

  14. The thing that tends to piss me off about some of these young new "divas" is that they don't understand that soul isn't just about screaming and hollering. Soul and singing are just as much about restraint as they are about screaming your face off. I don't know who's to blame. American Idol? Xtina? Mariah? Mary? Sometimes it's just too much. When you have a strong, powerful voice, sometimes you need to dial it down to get your point across.

  15. Nice song. I'm lovin' the not-so-subtle nod to Shirley Brown's "Woman to Woman" at the beginning.

  16. When I heard this song the other day, the intro made me want to immeeejiately hit "STOP!!!" but I forced myself to receive the entire song. For some reason, I enjoyed Fantasia (minus the singing), but like someone said below, JHud's voice is waaay too powerful. I really was ready for Effie to come through and shout for Curtis not to leave her.
    I'd give this song a C-.

  17. this song is the worlds reality although its a shame that dude seems to walk away a winner! (lol) the song is tight in my opinion

  18. I love this song they are the best keep up the good work I wish they can add me on a song that's my dream

  19. you guys are too analytical. why can't you like a song instead of tearing it to shreds based on the first 30 seconds? i liked the intro. y'all took it too serious. it reminds me more of Betty Wright's "Woman to Woman." it's only mildly similar to Brandy and Monica. i thought y'all liked real singing. *dead*

  20. Shirley Brown's "Woman to Woman" intro is too long as well. I just didn't want to put her on blast. I would say that Jennifer and Fantasia aren't so much nodding to "Woman to Woman" as they are bastardizing the hell out of it. The realness of the singing was never the issue.

  21. you guys are too analytical.
    Umm, we're not "too" anything. That's what we do here. We write about music, and sometimes we take a hard line. And who tore it too shreds? Get out of your feelings.

  22. People who are saying her voice is too powerful and all she wants to do is scream I guess are the reason "Spotlight" has stalled on the charts? Jennifer's said in many interviews that she wants the public to love all sides of her. Personally, I wish this had been completed with Jazmine Sullivan as was tossed around, but you know, this song isn't half bad!

  23. Jennifer Hudson, has a powerful voice I don't know what people are expecting from her. She is a power singer, and yes she can do cool and subdued, but maybe Sade, or Minnie Ripperton may be for you. A lot of complaints about "Spotlight" have been that she is too reserved on that track, so she is just changing it up on this one. I don't think that Jennifer is just screaming in hollering on this track. People want her to tone it down and that's just not who she is as a singer. It's also the reason a lot of singers like Effie the character get shafted because industry people think that all they do is holler and shout, and they want a lighter and smoother sound.
    Secondly, there aren't very many female singers out right now doing a bunch of vocal acrobatics. We have Rihanna, and Katy Perry neither of which I'd put on a very high vocal platform, so I find it refreshing to have this track.

  24. @ WTF: I don't think Betty Wright sang "Woman to Woman." Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's Shirley Brown and Shirley Brown only. And Jaguar Wright covered it a few years ago...

  25. First of all, I love the song...old school singing with deep and personal feelings...Why would Tony's girlfriend call Jennifer....She knew about his woman but the woman didnt know about her........apparently Tony should have gooten the ass whipping and then a farewell

  26. I love this song! These women both have powerful and beautiful voices. They really blew me away with this fantastic song.

  27. This has got to be said....I know some folk are gonna trip but.......Tasia is one BUTT UGLY sista........She can sing though, but damn I cant get pass her looks:) I am against plastic surgery but will make a special exception in her case...........


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