‘It’s Over’ John Legend?

johnlegend_kanyewest.jpgThe build up to John Legend's new album Evolver has been pretty consistent. With the release of the great "Green Light" and the so-so accompanying video earlier this year, and working in conjunction with iTunes to have the biggest Complete My Album launch since the introduction of the feature (through which an exclusive remix of "Green Light" was recently made available), the hype machine is in full effect. Now making the rounds online is a radio rip of "It's Over" featuring Kanye West. After getting through the initial DJ drivel, the song itself is kind of banging. This despite the fact that Kanye's verse is infected with Autotunitis. It's a good look to release these collaborations but hopefully his solo joints are even better. If the entire album is as good as these two tastes we've gotten so far, it should be solid. We'll have to wait until October 28th to know for sure. 

John Legend feat. Kanye West: "It's Over" (Radio Rip)

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  1. YOU all need to put a post on the new Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson single! It's leaked and it is hot, sounds like a rought cut though with Jazzy Sullivan on the back! Youtube it if ya want! Watch out for my girl J. Hudson! (Sorry has nothing to do with J. Legend, but I wanna know what the soulbounce staff thinks bout the cut)!
    "I'm His Only Woman" Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia

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    Sounds like John's got good album on his hands, still cant stand his voice

  3. im excited for the album. i heard him perform some of the songs and they sounded great. i want the full copy of good morning,

  4. FOCUS PEOPLE- This John Legend song is pretty hot. Im super curious to see what the entire album is like - its seems a little different-- but i guess thats where the title comes into play.
    def. could live w/o kanye's verse...

  5. I have to say, it is refreshing to hear J.L in something that I can dance to. If this is the way his album goes. I may just buy this one. Not a big fan at all, but he may have won me over again.

  6. I'm excited that John is able to explore new musical territory without it sounding forced. This is a much more relaxed vibe than the last album. But I sho do wish he'd give Kanye strict orders to just make the beats. NO. MORE. RANDOM. WACK. VERSES. *sigh*


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