Keyshia Plans A ‘Breakthrough’. Should We Be Concerned?

It's things like this that make me do a happy dance, knowing that my side-eye is still intact and ready for action. Over the weekend, our favorite around the way girl neighborhood diva Keyshia Cole appeared on TV One and revealed that her next studio album won't be so heartbreak-heavy, instead saying she plans to "lighten up and have a good time." Oh boy. Seems straying from what worked for Ms. Cole was inspired by her role model, Mary J. Blige, and her 2005 Breakthrough album. According to Key-Key, if she could "walk in [Mary's] footsteps for just a quarter of a mile," it would be a blessing fulfilled. Side-eye, activated. Of course, it's been debated time and again whether KFC is the next MJB. Remember? Clearly, she looks up to her, in everything from song style to hairdos. This next move will do nothing at all to quiet that conversation. Personally, I think the woe-is-me vibe works best for her voice. Just like it worked best for Mary's. What do you think? Would you go for a carefree Cole? And should we be concerned about these obvious moves, making it easier than ever to call her Keyshia Clone? Please weigh in.

Keyshia Cole "Lightens Up" On New Album, Credits MJB [SR]

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9 Responses

  1. I think she should stick with what works for her. Often times when people attempt to mimic others, it fails. Now I understand if she's just following suit with the concept, but if people are already implying that she's trying to be the next Mary, why give them more reasoning. Kiesha Cole fans have come to love her for what she's done and does, she should continue with that.
    Staying true to ones self is a better fit.

  2. I am a huge Kiesha Cole fan and can't wait to hear what the new project sounds like. It's nothing wrong with trying new things cause honestly how long can you sing about being sad n loney.

  3. Honestly, I find it hard to believe that Keyshia is intentionally following Mary's foot steps. Every time I've seen or heard an interview with Keyshia, and someone has compared her to Mary, she gets uneasy and you can tell it bothers her. She may admire Mary's style and hope for her success, but I dont think she wants to be exactly like her.
    And Mary isnt the first artist to switch her style up. Everybody has to grow. Honestly, who wants to hear someone crying about heartache on every single album?

  4. I think Keyshia needs to hook into a bomb R&B producer, her first album was bomb, 2nd was ok, but I still think she needs someone else to put her voice and persona out there better

  5. There's nothing wrong with Keyshia's music. The only breakthrough she needs is an attitude adjustment.

  6. What is the point of this post, to have a million comments posted calling Keyshia and MJB wannabe? Keyshia Cole is very talented, and why is it that every female singer that comes out with blonde hair, they are automatically called a wannabe Mary J. Blige. This is part of the reason Faith never really got her due as an artist, because too many people were comparing her to Mary, even though they were different woman. Etta James was rocking blonde hair since back in the day. Keyshia writes her own music and sings from the heart, she can't help people always comparing her to Mary, all she can do is be Keyshia. Mary hasn't always been roses and cream puffs since she has been out either. Everyone has to grow and adjust to fame and the spotlight. Mary used to give some scathing interviews, high and drunk all the time being rude to people. I'm happy she's cleaned up her act and yes she is a legend, but lets give Keyshia a chance to become her own person. Just because she rocked the blonde hair and worked with some of MJB's procuers (much like others in music have) doesn't mean she isn't trying to be her own person. Also please cop the new Jazmine Sullivan cd, I got it yesterday and it is FIIIRE!

  7. Keyshia, could also use a few vocal lessons. She is rarely on key.

  8. I dont think its anything wrong with Keyshia cole/s change, i dont think she is trying to be like MJB, its just forward movement shes not in the same place she was when she was making those previous albums, shes having fun, she has her family together, shes patched things up with her mom, she has money, and her fame is not so out of control that she cant breathe, she is good, so i believe her music should reflect that, Just because it took 10 plus years for MJB to find her happiness, doesnt mean Kesh has to wait that long to find hers, I dont think she puts her self in the mjb clone box, i think we do....dang can the chick be happy?

  9. If she could actually SING, then mayhaps I'd be interested.
    No more Keylolo on SB please. Must I start a petition? The one I started to rid this site of Solange mentions has apparently worked...for now.


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