LL Has More ‘Swagger’ In His Deodorant Stick Than Jigga & T.I. Combined

"Swagger" is a word none of us will ever get tired of, and the geniuses at Old Spice realize this. That's why they have a new line called exactly that. Since "Swagger" is a word that has been appropriated by endless Hip Hop artists that never seem to run out of ideas, Old Spice needed to market their new product to the Hip Hop community. But they required someone that was not only "Hip Hop" but was also mature and oozes the same raw sex appeal as classic Old Spice. That's where Uncle L comes in, the perfect spokesperson for a product that is essential to enhancing your geriatric, hippity-hoppity pimp game. [via WH]


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  1. I saw this on tv the other day and fell out laughing. I just cant believe they came out with a product and named it that.