Mary Mary Implores You to ‘Get Up’

marymary_getup.jpgWhatever you want to call the great news that was delivered late last night -- a blessing, an inevitability, a sign of good judgment -- a giving of thanks is absolutely due. The news that Mary Mary will be releasing a new album, The Sound, clandestinely appeared on my computer screen at almost the same moment the BWA Awards list was posted. Be it a coincidence or something bigger, it was an exciting find.

In terms of contemporary Christian singing groups, sisters Erica and
Tina Campbell
are among the most talented. Not only does their music
have great cross-over appeal, their strong voices and empowering
message are always a welcome contrast to the often abysmal secular
music scene. If the lead single from the duo's first new album since
2006, "Get Up," is any indication of the rest of The Sound, then it will
definitely be worth a listen. "Get Up" starts off somewhat
underwhelmingly, but the first chorus comes in hard and by the end it's
difficult not to nod along to the affirming message and danceable
beat. [ET]

Mary Mary: "Get Up"

Mary Mary
"Get Up" [Amazon]
The Sound Available on 10/14

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6 Responses

  1. i've been playing this for about a month now, and i don't get tired of it. Mary Mary always come with a really dope lead single for each project, and each album gets better and better.

  2. Undoubtedly talented, however I can't get with these two due to their expressive homophobia. Which is ironic since gay black men make up a large percentage of their record buyers.
    Meh. I'm sure the intended audience will swallow it and love it.-QH

  3. No offense intended, but since when do flocks of gay black men travel to Wal-Mart to eat up all the Mary Mary albums, or any gosel album, for that matter? Like... seriously. I don't know what world you're living in.
    Mary Mary never disappoint. Their last album was amazing and they explored quite a few different genres. I hear they are exploring even more this time around. Their debut is still in constant rotation, too.

  4. I am definitely feeling this song. Funny how a minute ago, I was listening to a Mary Mary song, wondering when they would be coming out with something new, and then I see this.
    Oh, and I'm loving how Ro is adding a lil bit of gospel flavor to the site. Thanks!!

  5. I don't know, mayeb the world where I know plenty of gay black men who seem to adore these two women for their vocal prowess, despite their opinion on sexuality. From them to the Clark Sisters, these women draw that following due to their vocal range and overall diva element.
    Again, I find them talented, but beyond that I can't fool with their sexual politics.-QH

  6. Since when is it 'homophobia' to express your belief that homosexuality is a sin? Not that I hear them going around shouting "Damn the gays" or anything, but I don't agree with the fact that they're homophobic.