Maxwell Tickets Are How Much?

maxwell_bet_08_4_medium.jpgThis morning on Twitter I had a minor major meltdown when I ranted to whoever would listen about my utter disgust and sheer dismay at the price of Maxwell tickets for his upcoming concert tour stop in Washington, DC. As any reader of this fine blog knows, I. Love. Maxwell. With every fiber of my being. But I happen to love my money more. And with premium seats for his newly-added second show at Constipation Constitution Hall going for a whopping $196.50 -- that's $175.00 for the ticket plus $21.50 in fees (oh, and a $25 increase over the first show) -- my money will be staying in my pocketbook because I couldn't in good conscience bring myself to make that purchase. Excuse the hell outta me for being on a budget.

With the news of the financial crisis that the country is in and many
of us having to rob Peter to pay Paul to make the ends wave at each
other, I'm really having a hard time wrapping my mind around the ticket
prices in general for Maxwell's tour.
From LA to NYC, the "good" seats are going for upwards of $100. For a
greatest hits tour? That's crazy to me. The suits at LiveNation or
whoever is responsible for this tour have seriously fallen and bumped
their heads. What I almost paid to see Maxwell for a couple of hours at
a sub-par venue with poor acoustics and no parking is more than what I
paid back in January to attend three nights of the Air Jamaica Jazz
& Blues Festival in Montego Bay, Jamaica!

But what do I
know? Venues are selling out from chilly Chicago to hurricane-ravaged Houston and more shows are
being added due to the high demand. So clearly there are many who can
afford to see Maxwell on his comeback tour -- just not me. Don't get it twisted, I had my credit card in hand this morning, with a pretty decent seat waiting on me to press the "buy" button, but I couldn't do it. Call me
cheap. Call me a fairweather fan. Call me whatever you like, but I
refuse to go into debt for one night of Maxwell magic. Suze Orman would be proud.

Yes, it
pains me that I won't be attending this show because I have a long
history of seeing Maxwell when he's come through my city. I've seen him
live at least six times. I'm that chick who camped out at the Kemp Mill
at Metro Center a couple hours before they opened and got rewarded with
front row tickets. (And, yes, gasp/swoon I touched the man ... twice.)
However, this time around the closest I'll be getting to seeing Maxwell
on stage will be watching the bootleg recordings on YouTube that will
inevitably pop up online in the next few weeks. At least then I know my
ISP bill will be paid.

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48 Responses

  1. You can buy every damn Maxwell cd and Unplugged dvd for much cheaper. For an artist who's been away from the scene for so long, he should be damn near giving those tickets away.
    He's already driven away many of his fans with the continuous album delays, now he wants to further drive a wedge between his fanbase with the outrageous concert ticket prices. Ol' chimp doll playing the cymbals lookin' so and so. You've just lost me as a fan with that move, Maxwell.

  2. Yes, times are hard and concert tickets in general are very expensive. But, I'll be damned if I missed Maxwell on this tour. I've never seen the man in concert and I'm sure he'll tour again- but I feel it's my destiny to see him at this point in time. Call me crazy.
    BTW, my 5th row pit tickets were 150.00 and my broke ass didn't even flinch.

  3. Im with you...
    but folks are buying them, im like RECESSION...HELLUR!!!
    I was totally shocked that they up the price,thats really unfair. I know that tours arent cheap, but damn

  4. When you make me your bottom chick Maxwell i'll be sure to give you all my money...
    I wouldn't even pay that much for Prince who would give a better show!

  5. @ Nikki,
    "Ol' chimp doll playing the cymbals lookin' so and so." Maxwell? Get the hell outta here!

  6. Wow...any shows at the park for the peoples? damn near 200 for a show...wonder how much the promoters making on this one

  7. @cococurious: Stan all you want for Maxwell, but that brotha looks like that toy chimpanzee that plays the cymbals. Don't get me wrong, I love his music, but it is what it is.

  8. Blessings to you Butta for being strong--I am sure too, that Suze would be proud of you 🙂
    How Fortunate you were for having the opportunity to see Maxwell six times, and no less touch him twice! That's awesome!
    I will see him in NY October 9th for the very first time and I am so looking forward to it.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Uh...I'll wait for the footage to show up on Youtube.

  10. @ Nikki,
    Stan or no stan, I don't see the resemblance.You don't have to like his looks, but saying someone looks like a chimpanzee is pretty f***ed up.
    BTW,for those who care, Maxwell will be on BET's 106 and Park this eve. @ 6pm. Peace.

  11. I'm getting superbly annoyed with all the people bashing my man on here. Trust I complained about the price of the tickets, but what people are failing to realize is that Janet was HOW much? And Beyonce two years ago was the about the same price that Maxwell was. We really have to understand and take a look at the economy. My fine baby daddy is not responsible for that. I paid $102 for 7th row orcehstra tickets. That's not half bad. Is it tacky to take a bag of washed sexy man underwear and throw it at him? I need him to know the full ferocity of my undying LOVE!

  12. I thought I was the only one who thought the tickets were too much. Granted, he's been away for a while and many fans are anxious to see him. But $175?! I decided to pass on this one. I'll catch him another time.

  13. Come on now. This is just outrageous! I can't for the life of me justify that much money per ticket? I mean, where is it going to? The venues are smaller, and I can't imagine any elaborate stage effects or costume changes so what's really going on? I'm all for getting my money's worth, especially for a quality artist, but with Janet selling tickets 4 for 24.99, this does not compute. (I know, different level artistry and demand, but still...) And I couldn't scronge up 50 bucks to see Kanye.

  14. Here in LA, the "good" seats that you guys have nabbed for $100+ in other places are $450+ dollars. I paid less to see Marc Anthony 4 rows away from the stage and that man killed that show. Plus, I got to see J Lo up close LOL
    But seriously, we are in a recession. And even if we weren't, there is no rational way to explain that much money for ONE TICKET. Maxwell and these concert promoters out to be ashamed of themselves. Period.

  15. damn deon is serious lol
    I paid around $70 each for my maxwell tickets and I'm pretty close. I thought about shelling out top dollar but I'm also going to see janet (5th row, bitches) and common/N.E.R.D next month so I didn't wanna get too crazy. you got a point - it IS a recession. I am as big a madonna fan as you are an erro fan and i couldn't afford to go see her.
    also, apparently maxwell is going to be back in NY on nov 23rd at the united palace theatre:
    maybe once he saw his shit was selling out he started to realize he could really make a killing with this touring thing? I dunno. but yea...concert ticket prices are getting out of control. I'm not even going to tell you how much I paid for the janet tickets. but she is JANET. a gotdamn ICON. I'll gladly eat ramen for a few weeks.

  16. I figured it out now. Maxwell's concert is in space. The ticket price covers air travel.

  17. Also, for all you "ballers" that are actually going, please report back to and tell us about the show with your soon-to-be broke ass. LMAO!

  18. I saw Maxwell during his 'Embrya' tour... Now with the news of these prices, that will be the first AND last Maxwell concert I go to. Thanks for updating us on the ridiculous.

  19. There are no Florida dates for this Tour (a Freaking BET Maxwell and Jazmine Sullivan Tour!!!), this is pissing me off, as i am at the moment researching every available mode of mass transit to get to Atlanta,Civic center to see this show, so i have to not only cover the price of the ticket, but possible airfare and hotel as well. BET really needs to fix this by adding a Florida Location (Orlando House of Blues maybe?) or send me a free damn ticket!!

  20. Oh this is crazy! First of all, I didn't even know the man was coming to town until last Sunday. The tickets, of course, were sold out, so I waited patiently for the announcement of the second show, which happened maybe Tuesday, if not Monday. I guess it's safe to say I'm glad I forgot to log on to Ticketmaster at 10AM this morning to get my tickets because that's just too much damn money. ESPECIALLY FOR CONSTITUTION HALL! Everyone knows their sound system SUCKS! $175 for Maxwell, a man who hasn't had an album out in at least 5 years, is ri-damn-diculous! Between he, Janet Jackson and Tina Turner, everybody should be broke! That Eric Benet/Dwele concert is looking better and better.

  21. There are always the exceptions but 200bucks for a dude standing in one place sir. UMM yes I was prepared to pay damn near $400 if Madonna came to DC to see her but she is MAdonna can't get bigger than that.

  22. @ Jamaicanbwoydre - That's what I'm saying! Haha...I was disappointed there were no Florida dates also. A date at the HoB in Orlando would be awesome...or even the Hard Rock...either way...Maxwell needs to make his way down here! =[

  23. Guys pls understand that Maxwell is not responsible for these prices... Its us. The shows are selling out and they are having to add second dates. Thats known to most as demand. Demand is the cause of these steep prices and with such small venues these tickets are gonna sell. For those locations without second shows tickets are going on resell sites for $400. I advise all to buy tickets, and go on a vegetable diet. You will get to see max and be looking good!!!

  24. Damn- I should have let my husband pay the $75 when we first heard..... I don't blame my man (MAXWELL) for the tickets prices---he doesn't control that....but I'm with you Butta, I'll have to achingly pass on seats for close to $200 bucks.....i wouldn't pay that for anyone! However, if I ever would contemplate man would be the only one who I would pay that much to see....

  25. $200 is a rape job for any concert, that's half my car note...damn!

  26. Does Maxwell have the government handling his tour?

  27. In the midst of hard economic times, Maxwell (and the entities that contribute to this outrageous price point) should be aware that his core demographic (women 25-44) is hurting right now. They all may not be digging in the couch for loose change, but they are certainly reprioritizing their spending. I don't see how this cost could be justified in anyone's budget...unless you just love Mazwell that much.
    For the brothers that dig Maxwell (myself included), this could be a wonderful expression of love for your Maxwell-loving S.O. but even then, I think they would prefer you drop two bills on something else. The light bill perhaps?

  28. hey. tickets for Amsterdam, the Netherlands are sold for eur40, around $70. reasonable. bit more expensive than average. i just paid eur50 for stevie wonder's concert. which was gooood!
    anyways, i am looking forward to it.
    greetings from the Netherlands and good luck with economic reforms, cuz the US is a mess! we in europe are appalled of all the debts you have in the US. most Europeans countries have surplus' and the US has the biggest deficit in the western world. shame and plus is responsible for a lot of grief in the middle-east. shame on you.
    i hope the next president will clean things up.

  29. Yeah I paid about that much for Janet, so if I pay that much for Maxwell he also must have: a catwalk and a b-stage, like 12 video screens, A video to go with each of his songs, a setlist of 40 songs, About 3,000 lights, Fireworks and smoke effects, Two hours of choreography, Bring a female on stage, and about 10 costume changes!

  30. nikki don't blame max! he's not an accountant! he's been waiting to come back to his faithful and make some history too! its not like he's pulling all the strings. As a broke college student I shall await a tour when his cd drops!

  31. I paid $200 for 2 tickets in the 33rd row. After seeing him as the highlight on BET in June I was like "Hell naw - gotta go". I saw Al Green last weekend for $100 as well and it was worth every damn penny. There are a few people, like Al & Maxwell, who are worthy of dishing out at least $150 for. I'm in debt but I could care less. Life is to be enjoyed, especially during a recession 🙂
    BTW...if my date falls through you can roll with me 😛

  32. oh MAN!! i SO feel you!! i wanna see janet and maxwell--the shows are actually about 5 weeks apart in atlanta--but i can't do it. all the good seats are gone to maxwell's show, unless you go on craiglist. there are a few folks selling tix for 200 bux... a piece. i loves maxwell. not that much though. sure, it's been 7 years since he's been here, but there hasn't been ANY new material (released) since then. that's just too much money. i figure he'll be back here again; he's got an album coming out. and so will jazmine (his opening act in atl). i might pay that much to see jan, though. at least the reviews of the show have been great and since 2001 she's put out 3 albums (which really is like 1 album of GOOD material). we'll see...

  33. I love Maxwell. But, for that price, he would have to come to me.
    Butt naked,rub my feet ,and dance like, he never dance before.
    Spend the night,and fix me breakfast. After all night I would expect him to leave a grand under my pillow. Until the cops come knocking.
    He will not dance to my money.

  34. Certainly a well written rant. Even Maxie will have to admit that when he reads it 🙂
    Not to worry Bouncers. I'll bottle up the sweat he flicks on me while I'm lounging in my 3rd row seat and sell it for for the low, low price of $49.95 with free s/h.

  35. WOW! $175??? I haven't even bothered to look up the ticket prices for the Camden/Philly show yet, but if that's what they cost, I will have to respectfully decline. I have never paid that much for a concert ticket and never intend to. Not for anyone...especially if we're talking about an uncomfortable seat in an arena-like venue. Just can't bring myself to do it.
    And, of course, this flies in the face of all of the other AMAZING shows I've seen for under $100, including Lenny Kravitz, Harry Connick Jr. AND Prince!! Love me some Maxwell, but no how now way am I paying that to see him.

  36. Clearly, he has bumped his head ... granted, the man puts on a great show. I saw him on the Urban Hang Suite Live tour back in 1997 when he first really hit it big. I loved it ... but there is no way in hell I would put down 200 bucks for a man with three albums to his name. It's the same reason I won't even pay 70 for Rachelle ... this recording once a decade and then asking for huge amounts of money for shows is not a good look.

  37. Ummm exxxcuse me? That's just rude...sorry.
    My ass will be enjoying his show at a REASONABLE price in NYC, but that right there? That is some crappolla right there.

  38. I know what you mean. Tickets here in Boston are $150 and that doesn't include taxes and fees. I would love to go see Maxwell but like you said who can afford it in this economy?!?!

  39. Those are totally out of reach prices.
    That's bad. That's just awful.
    You L.O.V.E your Maxwell,
    you love him MADLY.
    Everyone knows this.
    What are they thinking of?!!!
    MAXWELL'S PEOPLE: if you're reading this,
    stump up for this wonderful woman and give her a pass damnit!

  40. Yeah a bit crazy indeed...of course I have tickets for the Radio City Music Hall show next week....cost 117.00 with the taxes and fees...not bad in my view. However Maxwell has added another show in NYC at the United Palace Theatre in Washington price $175.00...doesn't look like they are selling well after two days of being on sale....Maxwell is amazing and fabulous and sexy....but 175.00!
    I'll just say this: I am glad I have my Radio City tickets....!
    On a good note....he is touring next year when the album drops...not words....Maxwell said it. So everyone has a chance in a few months to experience this brother....he is amazing. This is my fifth time!

  41. Yeah thats much as I am a fan of his music...HE HASN'T HAD ANY NEW MUSIC IN LIKE 3 YEARS!!! Thats reee-dick-u-lust, lol

  42. Maxwell mentioned on 106 & park that " there will be many ladies panties thrown on the stage at his shows" At these price he will be lucky if all he gets from these ladies is granny panties, because they spent all their money on those damn tickets.

  43. Um, I beg to differ Miss Sheree.! The Victoria Secretions will be in FULL effect!
    Granted, I might grab them back off the stage. We are in a recession and all and those aren't one of my five in a pack joints!

  44. So glad to hear it wasn’t just me. I enjoy Maxwell as much as the next guy..But really? Are you serious?? You have released nothing new in how many years and you are charging how much again? I even seriously gave it some thought for nostalgia sake when the second DC show was added. Then I thought back to the last Maxwell DC and asked myself…”was it worth what he asking for today?”. I honestly could remember the show so I had to go with no. For that kind of $$ I can’t roll the dice that I might not have a memorable time. Personally I think he needs to be @ the 9:30…But that’s just me.

  45. Hello! Finally, somebody feels my pain! I had my rental car booked and was waiting for that Greensboro show to finally appear on the ticketmaster website before I booked my flight. Show (finally) appeared, I clicked to check the prices.... $150?!?! Good lawd, that's alotta money!
    I just couldn't do it. I mean, I really really REALLY wanted to but... I just couldn't.
    Although the back of my mind is still hollering, "F the money! GO SEE HIM!!!", I'ma just keep bumping Embrya on my lil' Sony mp3 player and dream of the day he actually comes to my very city. 'Till then, it was the thought that counted.

  46. @ Nikki, you couldn't have been much of a fan to be dogging Maxwell the way you are. Talk about fair weather friends!! I'm with Cococurious, Chile get the #$@% outta here! I t really annoys me when folks talk out of their asses instead of out of their mouths. As far as I know, it's the concert promoters namely BET that are resposible for the venues and ticket prices not the artists themselves. Anyway this just means that those of us who will be going to see Max will enjoy him that much more.

  47. Nikki, I hear you. I feel you, but, I LOVE MAXWELL. I am a single mother and shelled out money for floor tickets for me and my daughter. I am from Toronto. I think all concert ticket prices are out of control. I am looking forward to the show. I worked overtime to pay for tickets. I don't go anywhere so this is my treat. I will let you know how the show is. Cheers !

  48. Well I must say that the expensive ticket and 300 plus mile drive was worth every dollar and then some! I would do it again for Max in a heartbeat. He's well deserving and made it a point to show his gratitude! Love me some Maxwell!